You Can’t Make This Up! Twitter’s Chief Censor Was Kamala Harris’ Press Secretary

Twitter is taking a stand against the President Trump campaign because of perceived misinformation. The campaign was banned from tweeting yesterday until they take the time to delete the tweet in question. According to the tech giant, Trump’s campaign is violating the “rules against misinformation.”

Can you believe that this is happening during an election cycle? There’s a global pandemic taking place and this is what Twitter is worried about. Republican lawmakers are standing idly by and so is the Department of Justice. The Washington Post has corrected their initial report, though. At first, they told the world that the president had been banned from the platform.

His campaign’s official account is banned because they tweeted a clip where Trump claimed that children were “almost immune” to the COVID-19 pandemic. The post is hidden and no tweets can be sent. The president’s campaign team can start the appeal process if they are willing to duke it out with the Twitter liberals responsible for this decision.

Tech giants are banding together to silence the president during an election year but the mainstream media is cheerleading their efforts. They are supposed to remain unbiased at all times but they are showcasing their affiliations. The most hilarious part of all? The person who is responsible for spearheading Twitter’s efforts to silence Trump is closely aligned with Kamala Harris.

Nick Pacilio is his name. He’s also admitted to the removal of the tweet, so there is no doubt about who is responsible. As the former press secretary for Liberal Democratic Presidential candidate Kamala Harris, you would think that he would have a little more self-awareness. That’s the Democrats in a nutshell, though.

They make decisions that are based on their political affiliations and then they try to explain them away after the fact. The biases that are formulating against the president are harder and harder to ignore. The Silicon Valley giants who are banding together to put a stop to his second term are getting more and more shameless.

These companies do not care if they are caught in the act of hindering a presidential campaign. They have convinced themselves that they are acting in the best interests of the American people. How is anyone supposed to believe in democracy if they are being fed total lies at every turn? This is why people are skeptical of the upcoming election.

The liberal media is also fueling the mail in voting mania that is also designed to rip the presidency away in an unfair manner. It’s reached a point where the cheating has gotten so blatant, its like they are daring the conservative media types to say something about it. While there are some who may be willing to ignore the obvious media spin, many of us have gotten fed up.

There’s no reason why the election should not unfold as it always has. Instead, the Democrats are hoping that they can swipe the election in plain sight and so far, they seem to be correct. Now that they have Twitter and Facebook ready to carry the water for them, its getting harder and harder for the rest of us to receive news that isn’t biased.

Twitter is even hiring high ranking liberals from Democratic presidential campaigns to decide what Trump can and cannot say on their platform. Do they really think that they are fooling anyone with this behavior? Even a leftist with a little bit of common sense can see that they are being lied to but many of them are content with the lies as long as they are getting their way.

Unfortunately, that’s the way of the world now. People go with the narrative that suits them the best and they do not care what happens next. The Democrats are fine with cheating the system at the moment and their voters are complicit in the lies. The fix is already in.

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