Yamiche Alcindor Delivers Scorching Take on Joe Biden’s Bad Poll Numbers

A new NBC News poll has been a hot topic of discussion lately, providing ample fodder for RedState writers (see here and here) and others looking to gauge the current political environment.

In the poll, Republicans lead the generic ballot by two points, a gain over the result the same poll got in May. Joe Biden’s approval remained stagnant at 42 percent, unchanged despite him supposedly being on the comeback trail. Then there was the “right track/wrong track” question, which found that 74 percent of respondents feel the country is on the “wrong track.”

Given that Democrats control the entirety of the government, it’s easy to ascertain that opinions about the direction of the country and Biden’s low approval ratings are intimately connected. At least, it’s easy for people not named Yamiche Alcindor. The far-left “journalist” who collects a paycheck from tax-payer-funded PBS also moonlights as an NBC correspondent. While addressing the “wrong track” result, she delivered a scorching take.

Your tax dollars at work, ladies and gentlemen.

Before we get to Alcindor, I want to address the topic of discussion in the clip, because it’s really the setup for her ridiculous commentary. In the NBC News poll, the “most important” issue for voters was, indeed, “threats to democracy.” That result has been used as a distraction by the media so they don’t have to talk about how terrible the poll is for Democrats.

It also happens to be incredibly misleading. “Threats to democracy” clocked in at just 21 percent in the survey. All that means is that some marginal group of Democrats gave that answer. It does not mean that a majority of Americans actually say that’s their top priority. Quite the contrary.

With that said, Alcindor played off of what was a misleading segment to suggest that people believe the country is on the wrong track because they are…terrified that Donald Trump might regain power.

You see, Americans aren’t upset about inflation, rising interest rates, their savings dwindling, their retirements going down, or any number of other real-world issues. They also don’t hold any of the people in power accountable for the track the country is on. No, according to journalism’s finest, people are answering a poll in August of 2022 about the direction of the country based on an unrealized fear of Trump in 2024.

Where’s a good galaxy-brain meme when you need it?

Then there’s the fact that Alcindor claims a Republican might “steal” the election in 2022 and 2024. I’ve been assured over the last several years that there is no greater sin than “election-denial,” and that even the suggestion of such should lead to immediate cancellation. Yet, here’s NBC’s Washington correspondent claiming that a mid-term made up of thousands of races across 50 different states could be stolen by even Trump supporters. It’s insane, conspiratorial nonsense, and the host of the show she’s on doesn’t even attempt to push back.

Alcindor is everything that’s wrong with journalism as a profession. It’s full of self-righteous imbeciles who couldn’t find their way out of a paper bag pretending to be smart for the cameras. It’s also full of partisan hacks who see their jobs as protecting Democrats instead of telling the truth.

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