White House Puts out Exciting Video About Gas Prices

You have to hand it to the Biden team — they certainly have some kind of audacity.

When the gas prices were spiking at their highest, they claimed it was “Putin’s Price Hike” — falsely giving Vladimir Putin outsize control over our economy. Now that the prices have dropped some in some areas, they are touting it as though it’s something they did, with White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre even making a video explaining how “exciting” this is.

The Biden team truly thinks we are stupid, and this is evidence of that.

On top of all the other nonsense they’re trying to sell us here, they put her in the graph, proving they’re just not serious people. Imagine spending our money to buffalo us with something like this, treating us like we’re five years old and they have to spoon-feed us their propaganda with cutesy gimmicks.

So, the price drops in about a fifth of the gas stations in the country — in part because the demand was dropping given the high prices and the horrible inflation — and she thinks it’s a victory to trumpet? No, sorry, I’m not excited that Biden attacked the energy industry and destroyed the energy independence that we had. I’m not excited that people now have to think about whether to buy gas or buy food because everything is so expensive under Biden.

This is straight-up gaslighting, when she’s now trying to sell Americans that they’re saving $25 a month now. The prices are still more than $2.00 higher than they were when Biden came into office.

It was $2.38 before he came in. It’s now $4.49, according to Gas Buddy. So, it’s still $2.11 higher than it was when Biden started.

The truth is that even if you happen to be in the areas that have gone down 50 cents, you’re still paying $100 a month more under Biden, according to the Biden team’s figures.

Both Biden and NEC Director Brian Deese have also been trying to push this talking point to convince us what a hero Biden is. Do they think we just all fell off the turnip truck–or we’ve been asleep for the past two years–and we can’t see how it’s all risen under them? First, they insulted our intelligence with the Putin lie; Now, they’re doing one better by suggesting we should be grateful for the efforts, when they’re the people who created the problem that didn’t exist before them. Sorry, folks, we’re not falling for it.

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