What They Really Think About You: Whitmer’s Hot Mike Moment at DNC Convention

The Democratic National Convention is now underway and its even more of a dumpster fire than you would have expected. The virtual convention does not exactly have the best production values. The guest list might be even worse, though. Have you ever seen an online awards show? This should give you a rough outline of what to expect from the experience.

Michigan Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer was already joking about hot microphones and letting everyone know what she really thinks. “It’s not just Shark Week, it’s Shark Week *expletive*,” she said. She also let people know that she had already learned about the hot mic but at this point? It was a bit too late.

The clip has already received over 70,000 views. Whitmer is probably still trying to wrap her mind around the fact that Biden did not choose her for the vice-presidential slot. She’s got the same mentality as he does: pander to the leftists at all costs, no matter how silly you may look in the process. This is the same woman who was leaning into her own rap parodies not that long ago.

Any governor who is willing to call herself “Big Gretch” just to act as if she is down with the movement cannot be trusted for any reason. Who knows what else she is ready to do? The liberal leadership in states like Michigan has caused more problems than they have solved but they believe that they are the ones who should be making our nation’s decisions.

She might know about the hot mic but when it comes to the issues that plague her state, she is clueless. This is the same woman who was seen heading to one of her vacation homes right after she had told everyone else to stay home. That’s how the Democrats operate. The rules only apply to you and not them. If they want to do something, they don’t worry about any of that.

“Big Gretch” may now how to play to this crowd but its the wrong crowd. These are not the people that she should be trying to win over. They are not going to help her in any meaningful way. If anything, she should be trying to win over the residents in her own state who have lost faith in her ability to assist them. These are the folks that she needs to be trying to speak to at the moment.

At this point, we don’t even know who she is sucking up to. Biden has already chosen his vice-presidential candidate and the party is moving forward during this election cycle without her. Maybe she can position herself for future success but who knows? This is an awful lot of pandering to do for such a small payoff. If she’s lucky, maybe someone else will be ready to write a rap song about her.

We shudder to think of the other horrors that await us during this convention. It’s like they are having a contest to see who can be more of a leftist. The fact that this convention is going on while the coronavirus stimulus package still hangs in the balance is not lost on us. It must be easy to crack jokes when your livelihood is not hanging in the balance.

In the meantime, the rest of the nation is supposed to laugh it up with the Democrats and forget the kind of trouble that they are in. It’s ridiculous to say the least but the Democratic voters don’t ever take the time to ask for more from their elected officials. They simply line up and accept another kick in the pants.

This is what Biden and his cronies are banking on, to be quite honest. They don’t think very highly of their voters and they will tell them anything at this point….even when it directly contradicts the things that they have already said.

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