Waukesha Police Chief Knocks Down Crime Cover Story Pushed by CNN

Yesterday, 39-year-old career felon and wannabe rapper (remarkable how often those descriptions end up side-by-side, isn’t it?) Darrell Brooks drove his car through a Christmas parade in Waukesha, WI. His rampage left five dead and 48 injured (see BREAKING. Vehicle Rams Christmas Parade in Waukesha, WI, Creating a Mass Casualty Event).

I have no idea what inspired Mr. Brooks to do this, but the usual suspects were quick out of the box to deny any meaningful motive.

Earlier today, CNN’s S. E. Cupp took on the role of an octopus attempting to flee behind a cloud of ink



This is one of those statements that might be true, but it is also irrelevant. I’m sure that Brooks had at least one meal and visited the bathroom at least once before he killed 5 people, but none of those events have any bearing on the facts. Cupp is trying to give the impression that Brooks’ flight was the proximate cause of the carnage. In fact, she goes way beyond CNN’s actual announcement that included the phrase “there are indications” to definitively state that he was fleeing another crime. The claim that he was fleeing another crime does nothing to explain how he ended up in the middle of a parade or his choice to start killing people. Brooks was not pursued by any other vehicle. The video of the slaughter gives one the impression that he was trying to maximize the body count, not steer around pedestrians to make his escape. Brooks had ample opportunity to leave the parade route by side streets before he rammed one of the march units. We have video of Brooks knocking over crowd control barriers and speeding away.

The Waukesha police have issued a statement that confirms no one was chasing Brooks.

What we know so far indicates that Brooks entered the parade route while driving at high speed. At some point, he decided to plow through a march unit. He then broke through a crowd control barrier, and a police officer fired several shots at his car. His social media account indicates he professes to be a BlackLivesMatter supporter, and he has a dislike of white people. As to the degree to which that social media persona is real or fake, your guess is as good as mine. We can also conclusively rule out the stupid story flacked by Cupp that he was fleeing some other crime and that said flight had anything to do with him killing people in a parade.

It is way, way too early to start tossing the “t-word,” that is, terrorism about. But everything we know indicates that Brooks intended to kill people in that parade. The question is, why?

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