Walmart Circumventing Second Amendment Ahead of Nov 3 Election

Walmart has taken time away from counting all the money they made when lockdowns closed small businesses, to inform us that they won’t be selling guns or ammunition, at least until after the upcoming election, citing potential “civil unrest.”

“Walmart Inc. has temporarily pulled ammunition and guns off its shelves ahead of any possible looting or civil unrest that could take place following next week’s election,” Bloomberg reported.

“We have seen some isolated civil unrest and as we have done on several occasions over the last few years, we have moved our firearms and ammunition off the sales floor as a precaution for the safety of our associates and customers,” Walmart said in an e-mailed statement. “These items do remain available for purchase by customers.”

This isn’t the first time that the retailing giant has made this kind of about what it would offer customers to the detriment of personal safety. Following the shooting at an El Paso, Texas Walmart in 2019, the retailer got a taste of social justice responsibility.

The New York Times ran an open letter to the company’s CEO, titled “Dear Walmart C.E.O.: You Have the Power to Curb Gun Violence. Do It.”

In fine know-it-all fashion, the company was called into question by the throngs of SJW’s, gnawing at their own sense of unrest, claiming that the retailer was the one that would save us from ourselves, claiming they had a “moral responsibility” to fix the problem.

“What happened over the weekend was not your fault — but it is your moral responsibility to see that it stops,” Andrew Ross Sorkin wrote in his letter.

“The legally purchased weapons that were used in the mass shootings did not come from Walmart,” Sorkin admitted. “But guns in America travel through a manufacturing and supply chain that relies on banks like Wells Fargo, software companies like Microsoft, and delivery and logistics giants like Federal Express and UPS. All of those companies, in turn, count Walmart as a crucial client.”

The irate author of the letter went on to give the nation’s biggest retailer a lesson on what economists call his position, going stepping into, again, a subject he is likely not an expert in when he cited the moral imperative argument for the retailing giant to stop offering something the nation’s Founding Fathers considered crucial to the prosperity of its people.

“Walmart has used this leverage for years over its suppliers, partners, distributors, rivals — even cities and states,” Sorkin went on. “Now you have the chance to use that clout to help fix a system that is clearly broken, to solve a crisis whose costs are measured in lives, not just in profits and losses.”

Walmart heeded the call of the SJW and made changes to what they sold in their stores and who they sold it to. They didn’t get rid of their guns and ammunition sales altogether, but they have, over the past few years, slowly whittled away at their offerings.

McMillion was given the appropriate pat on the head by the SJW’s, even called a “hero” by Griffin Dix, an Opinion Contributor, at The Hill.

Dix called it “taking responsibility” for what the shooter did (despite it having been well established, as was cited above, that Walmart did not sell the guns used in the shooting) and praised the CEO’s actions in diminishing their contribution toward firearms in and among the general populous.

“Doug McMillon, a gun owner whose family raised bird dogs when he was growing up in Jonesboro, Ark., is a corporate hero, who has taken responsible leadership when Republicans in the U.S. Senate and many corporate leaders in the thrall of the gun lobby have failed us,” Dix said. “Thank you, Walmart.”

Their taste of the sweet congratulations from the left spurred them to again change their policies, pulling firearms and ammunition following the riots and looting after the death of George Floyd. And here we are again, with just the threat of violence by the left, and Walmart has decided, not to condemn the violence, just stop selling the firearms to those who could pass their extensive background checks.

May the odds be ever in your favor (because Walmart sure isn’t).

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