Wait, What? Andrew Cuomo Is Now Denying that He Ever Told Nursing Homes to Take Positive Virus Patients

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How many months have we known about and been reporting on the Wuhan coronavirus nursing home deaths in New York and Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s March 25 order, requiring nursing homes to take patients who were positive for the virus into the nursing homes? Several months now.

But now Cuomo is denying that it ever happened. Seriously.

He gave an interview to the Finger Lakes Daily News and told them that that no virus patients were ever sent to the nursing homes, just a complete and utter falsehood that contravenes fact.

Cuomo told the Finger Lakes Daily News: “So it just never happened in New York, where we needed to say to a nursing home we need you to take this person even though they are covid positive. It never happened.” He then claimed they had extra beds because of the help from the federal government, for example, with the Javits Center and says again “it just never happened.”

Except it did happen. We have the order with his name on it that happened on March 25 which required nursing homes to take positive virus patients.

According to one report, over 4500 virus patients were transferred from hospitals to nursing homes before Cuomo reversed the directive on May 10 so that was months of taking patients.

Just an out and out lie from Cuomo, with indisputable thousands of deaths in the period following his March 25 order. There were at least 6000 deaths from the virus from nursing homes in New York. But the problem is that we don’t know exactly how many deaths because after Cuomo started receiving flack for the nursing home deaths, suddenly the state changed how they recorded the deaths and stopped recording deaths as nursing home deaths if the people died outside the nursing home like at the hospital, even if they caught the virus while living in the nursing home. The Department of Health has also refused to turn over records in order to be able to assess how many deaths could be related.

Then after that the order, which had been on the Health Department’s website was deleted off the website. But of course by then, the order was spread all over the internet.

Not only did Cuomo lie, he also said that he went to sleep every night saying that he “saved lives.”

Not only didn’t he seem to care about the lives lost, he actually deflected blame from his order by pointing to a report done by his own Department of Health which tried to blame the nursing staff of the homes and the family members of the dead patients themselves for passing it on to them.

But as family members noted, they’ve been forbidden from seeing their family in nursing homes from March until restrictions began being relieved in July.

People couldn’t believe that after all the reports, that Cuomo was now trying to completely deny that it happened.

Here’s Bernadette Hogan of the New York Post who did many reports on the nursing home scandal.

Fox senior meteorologist Janice Dean, whose mother in law and father in law died in nursing homes in New York:

This man is just despicable, in the words of Janice Dean.

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