Virginia Does It Again, School District Issues a List of Oppressed and Privileged Identity Groups

In Virginia, the public education system is really trying hard to save our fallen world.

Their method: social justice.

Apropos — according to The Daily Wire — Loudoun County Public Schools recently issued a graphic dividing Americans into two groups.

As it turns out, every identity falls into the category of Privileged or Oppressed.

Are you ready?

I give you people of privilege:

White People
20-50 Year Olds
U.S. Born
Owning/Middle- or High-Income Background
Currently Able-Bodied
College Educated or Parents College Educated
Not Adopted or Foster Child
English as a Primary Language
“Average” or “Thin” (referencing weight)
Lighter Complexioned People of the Same Race

The following groups, by contrast, are under the feet of their oppressors (which, by process of elimination, I assume are the groups above):

Gender Non-conforming
50 Years and Older
Working Class/Lower Income Background
Not College Educated or Parents Not College Educated
Single Parent or Raised by a Single Parent
Adopted or Foster Child
English as a Second Language
Darker Complexioned People of the Same Race

The graphic was purportedly given out by Lottie Spurlock, the district’s equity director.

“Equity” looks to be the modern era’s word of choice.

In just a few years, it seems, the concept of “equality” — which is to say, equal opportunity — has all but wholly been replaced.

Equity — equal outcome — is certainly setting the bar high. The grandest attempts at the utopian idea — known in some corners as “communism” — have failed.

Bill Maher recently commented on such:

36% of Millennials think it might be a good idea to try Communism… but much of the world did try it… I know most of Millennials think that doesn’t count because they weren’t alive when it happened… but it did happen, and there are people around who remember it. Pining for communism is like pining for BetaMax or MySpace.

Either way, evidently, the world is now giving it another shot.

And Loudoun County’s leading a formidable charge.

As for the Privileged/Oppressed list, pro-meritocracy Executive Director Ian Prior isn’t a particular fan.

He explained to the Wire:

“Loudoun County Public Schools’ state-sanctioned racism and bigotry seemingly knows no bounds. Not only are senior staff forcing teachers and students to see everyone as part of an identity group instead of individuals, but now they are attacking peoples religious beliefs.”

Loudoun’s not alone — Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is a major mantra in the public school system today.

And it isn’t just schools:

*The Pentagon’s Diversity and Inclusion chief was eventually reassigned.

Back to Loudoun County’s list, once everyone figures out the evil people and the innocent victims, what then? What’s to be done to change such an unworkable system?

I guess they’ll cross that bridge when they come to it…but I’d imagine it would have to be something revolutionary.

And, it appears, America’s at the bridge.

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