University Professor on ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ Panel Announces She Keeps Away From White People

At Iowa State, a professor’s stated her preference.

We’re living in a strange time. America’s seemingly swimming toward Segregation V2.

It’s a modernized rendition, to be sure, but a curious point remains the same: Society looks to be resurrecting an idea it only decades ago concluded should be interred.

Unity, generally, is considered virtuous.

Yet, so far as I can tell, the Powers That Be are increasingly interested in emphasizing our differences.

Amid the new morality: “whiteness.”

We’re being told it’s something to be stamped out.

That may very well be correct if the term represents dastardly deeds.

But what’s the impact of attaching it wholly and exclusively to a race?

If I had to guess, I’d say not unity.

Either way, in a presumed effort to find the best life, an Iowa State University professor has allegedly announced her approach: Keep a distance from white people.

As relayed by Campus Reform, Professor Rita Mookerjee was invited to speak on a March 10th Student Government “Diversity and Inclusion” panel.

Around that time, purportedly, she issued the following tweet:

“Lately, I try to limit my interactions with yt people as much as possible. I can’t with the self-importance and performance, esp during Black History Month.”

Last October, she supposedly posted, “[I]t is foolish to dismiss student critique. Always listen but, learn to accept that whyte men with dirty hair and wrinkled clothes will always be more liked and higher ranked.”


“Someone called me white the other day, so #NewProfilePic because I think the f– not.”

As for whiteness, it’s found a way into the news quite a lot.

For instance, last year, North Carolina’s Wake County Public School System hosted a symposium.

According to City Journal, the event schooled teachers on incorporating Critical Race Theory:

[During] “Whiteness in Ed Spaces,” school administrators provided two handouts on the “norms of whiteness.” These documents claimed that “(white) cultural values” include “denial,” “fear,” “blame,” “control,” “punishment,” “scarcity,” and “one-dimensional thinking.” According to notes from the session, the teachers argued that “whiteness perpetuates the system” of injustice and that the district’s “whitewashed curriculum” was “doing real harm to our students and educators.” The group encouraged white teachers to “challenge the dominant ideology” of whiteness and “disrupt” white culture in the classroom through a series of “transformational interventions.”

A teacher reportedly inquired, “How do you deal with parent pushback?”

Per the outlet, the reply:

“You can’t let parents deter you from the work. … White parents’ children are benefiting from the system” of whiteness, it was purportedly said. They’re “not learning at home about diversity.”

Moreover, whiteness is getting complicated.

As I covered in February, the principal of New York City’s East Side Community School sent an email to parents listing eight options.

From the graphic:

“There is a regime of whiteness, and there are action-oriented white identities. People who identify with whiteness are one of these. It’s about time we build an ethnography of whiteness since white people have been the ones writing about and governing others.”

Take your pick:

White Supremacist
White Voyeurism
White Privilege
White Benefit
White Confessional
White Critical
White Traitor
White Abolitionist

Given the list, perhaps it’s reasonable that Professor Rita would keep away.

As for her touted tweets, Iowa State’s student government told Young Americans for Freedom her posts don’t “reflect the views of the student government.”

What are the views of the university’s government?

If the answer is “views of unity,” I’d say — at this point — they’re really blazing a trail.


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