Twitter Admits They Lied About the Current Conservative Purge

This won’t be shocking to anyone with the ability to observe and think critically, but Twitter is now admitting their prior excuse for the ongoing conservative purge was a lie. Originally, the social media giant and former favorite platform of President Trump claimed that it was simply a matter of accounts not verifying their information. Twitter claimed that until those accounts did so, they would simply not show upon follower accounts.

Well, the tune has been changed. As most suspected from the beginning, there is actually a widespread deletion of conservative accounts goings on under the guise of them being QAnon related. This has supposedly hit over 70,000 accounts so far.

Let me explain how this works. Basically any small amount that propagated the idea that the election was stolen is going to be lumped in as QAnon and targeted. Some of us on the tried to warn our less than astute commentary colleagues at other outlets that mainstreaming the idea that QAnon had great reach was just as damaging as doing so for the alt-right back in 2016. The right move was always to marginalize and ignore them, not grant the media’s premise that every Republican policitican needed to obsess over them. But that didn’t happen, QAnon was made into a much bigger bogeyman than it deserved, and now it’s going to be used as an excuse to go after more mainline conservative voices.

You want to know how I know this? Because I can go look at conservative accounts that weren’t really pro-Trump and wouldn’t attract QAnon disciples as followers and see that they too have lost thousands of followers. That says to anyone paying attention that the purge is targeting much more than just Q supporters. QAnon is just the excuse to make these moves.

On a personal note, I’ve some people in the comments snark that I shouldn’t be on Twitter anymore. I couldn’t disagree more. Did Donald Trump quit Twitter and stop using the platform the first time they showed bias against him? Did he delete his account after they began to openly censor and label his content? No, he didn’t, and it was absolutely the right move for him to not do so. I’m not going to do Twitter’s dirty work for them. I’m going to keep using their platform to spread the influence of RedState until they forcibly remove me and everyone like me. I don’t want to make anything easy on them. If they want to keep banning conservative voices, I want them to own that decision, not have us do it for them. Flood the zone and make them work. If you believed “fighting” was the cardinal quality of the Trump presidency, you shouldn’t give up on that principle now.

Voluntarily giving up reach is a dumb way to fight big tech. It’s simply giving them what they want.

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