Trump’s Most Recent Endorsement Leaves Race-Baiters Speechless

Ever since Trump was elected to be our President, the political left has tried to claim that he is racist to his core. Every time he has said anything that could be remotely construed as such, he has been blasted. And that hasn’t changed as the nation has gotten more used to his ways of speech.

If mainstream media and leftist politicians are to be believed, President Trump’s support has never been high. Even when he won in 2016, it was all blamed on some cheating scam or another. But now, according to them, Trump has hardly any support at all, especially not from minorities.

Just take the conversation that has been pushed about since the first presidential debate last week. You know the one that claims that Trump supports white supremacy, refuses to denounce it, and is even calling one of their organizations’ shots.

Based on these accusations and what the left claims that President Trump said, you’d think that support for him from minority groups would be at an all-time low.

But the evidence is actually reporting the exact opposite.

In fact, since the debate in which supposedly should have ruined all minority communities forever liking Trump, one minority group has even announced their full endorsement.

Enter the National Latino Peace Officers Association Advocacy or NLPOAA.

On Saturday, the group sent the President an endorsement letter, vowing their support and commitment to another four years of having him in office.

The letter, written by the group’s chairman Alan Alvarez and secretary Darrin Fulton, read, “The National board of the National Latino Peace Officers Association Advocacy, on behalf of its member charters, has chosen to endorse your candidacy for reelection for President of the United States.”

The letter explained their endorsement by saying, “The NLPOA-Advocacy supports you because of your fierce and unwavering support for the law enforcement community. In these difficult times for our profession and the repeated calls to defund us, you have continued to have our backs and voice your approval of the men and women of law enforcement.”

But they also noted that it was not just Trump’s work regarding law enforcement that they admired. In addition, the group told Trump that they are looking forward to another four years of working with him on issues such as “immigration” and others “concerning the Latino community.”

Talk about a buzzkill for the race-baiters.

Sure, the group, as a law enforcement organization, likes what President Trump is doing to support their profession. But they also have enjoyed what they have seen in regards to how their racial communities are treated.

Do you think they would say as much if they believed he was racist and out to get all Americans who aren’t white as the media likes to suggest he is?

Absolutely not.

Furthermore, if Trump is racist, and that’s why he is more securely handling our borders and immigration issues, why would Latinos, of all minority groups support choose to support him?

The fact is, he isn’t. And as much as the left tries to tout that he is, it’s apparent no one is buying it. This is probably because, like just about everything mainstream media puts out about Trump, these days, it is based on bias and not fact.

The Trump campaign announced the recent endorsement on Monday, saying, “Whether it’s left-wing rioters wreaking havoc on communities across America or the Democrats’ mission to open our borders to even the most violent criminals, Joe Biden is too weak to stand up to the radicals of his own party and protect the American people. In stark contrast, President Trump prioritizes safety and stability for all Americans and will always back our brave law enforcement officers.”

This endorsement puts the number of law enforcement groups or organizations that back Trump at more than a dozen. Combined, the groups represent over 900,000 individual law enforcement members – all who support Trump.

In contrast, the only noteworthy endorsement of a similar nature for Joe Biden is that of a mere 175 individuals.

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