Trump Takes the Truth About Biden to the Airways as Final Stretch Starts

Joe Biden is a secret man that has paid the liberal media off to keep his problems confidential for as long as possible. He knows that if the truth should get out about his corruption and health conditions, that he will no longer be fit to run for the presidency. His withdrawal will ultimately hand President Trump four more years in office.

President Trump and the Republican National Committee know that they must step up their ad campaigning in order to get the truth out regarding Biden. They are set to spend $25 million on television ads designed, to tell the truth about Biden and the criminal past that bears his name.

For decades, the womanizer has hidden behind the shadows of the Democratic Party. He fears the truth getting out to the point that he refuses to even talk about the discoveries coming out about his son. That same fear keeps him from acknowledging his health issues and battle with dementia.

The ads are going to run nonstop until the election is finished. They plan to target key states such as Iowa, Arizona, Michigan, North Carolina, and Wisconsin. All of these states have a liberal backbone to them.

The national media is liberal to the core. They refuse to report on the evidence that links Biden to criminal activity, and they refuse to admit his health issues. Lara Trump was falsely accused of making statements about Biden, and when it was discovered that those statements were factual, the reporter turned off the interview. All because they do not want to face the truth about Biden.

The RNC has allotted $60 million to ads. They plan on targeting all age range of people. Biden is lying through his teeth about his intentions on healthcare and other important issues. The RNC wants to make sure that the truth is put on the airways for all to see.

The RNC Chairwoman is Ronna McDaniel. And she stated that “Joe Biden’s health care plan would be an inevitable step toward single-payer health care, leading to higher taxes, less quality of care, and a complete upheaval of our health care system.”

Biden seeks to run American healthcare into the ground, so it is no better than third world care. Biden’s America takes power and wealth out of the American name and destroys the freedoms that make the country great.

McDaniel was truthful when she stated that “As part of the RNC’s multi-pronged effort to target and turn out voters, we will be telling the truth about Biden’s socialized health care plan while aggressively highlighting how President Trump has improved Medicare and lowered premiums.”

Biden must be stopped dead in his tracks before the lies he is telling become a reality. Biden seeks to lie about his healthcare plan. And President Trump seeks to show the truth. He also wants to show the difference between the two plans since Biden is trying to mirror Trump’s plan.

Joe Biden’s plan sets up the nation for a socialist healthcare takeover. It will lead to a national plan that will force people to pay for things that are not part of their bill. It will take away from the quality of care that seniors and people of all ages have right now.

Biden is going around the nation and telling people that they will lose their care if they have pre-existing conditions if Trump wins. But what he is not telling people is that President Trump already signed an executive order designed to keep that from happening.

President Trump’s plan for America drives costs down. And makes excellent care available to every person. His plan makes the matter of healthcare a personal choice.

Biden can only build on a system that was put in place illegally years ago. He has no plan for America in any form. He cannot answer straight questions about immigration, healthcare, his illegal business ventures, abuses of power and many other vital issues that are important to voters. He cannot provide answers because he has no plan and no direction for the nation over the next four years.

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