Trump Calls for A Boycott on Goodyear

In a day and age where the woke left is canceling and banishing just about everything in sight or sound, I find it ironic that when someone on the right, or someone they vehemently despise, does the same, they suddenly have a problem with it.

And of course, their target of derision is none other than President Donald Trump.

On Tuesday, it was reported on social media that Goodyear, the well-known American tire company, seems to hold a double standard of sorts when it comes to what is and isn’t acceptable attire in the workplace.

A slide was found as part of what is believed to be a diversity training presentation for the Topeka, Kansas plant that states All Lives Matter, Blue Lives Matter, and MAGA, or any other “political affiliated slogans or material” are deemed as “unacceptable” within the company. However, Black Lives Matter and LGBT expressions of support are fine.

Many, including the President himself, found it hypocritical that the company said that it wouldn’t allow political affiliations to be advertised in the workplace, but at the same time, permitted something as obviously political as Black Lives Matter.

Trump even suggested we boycott Goodyear because of this unfair standard.

He tweeted, “Don’t buy GOODYEAR TIRES – They announced a BAN ON MAGA HATS. Get better tires for far less! (This is what the Radical Left Democrats do. Two can play the same game, and we have to start playing it now!)”

Now, obviously, Trump has some vastly more personal reasons for getting involved here. But even if he didn’t, the “ban” on Blue Lives Matter and All Lives Matter would be enough.

Naturally, reporters reached out to the company to ask about this slide and if the company stood by that as a whole or was it more a particular plant manager’s preference.

The response received only seemed to confirm what the slide already said and that this is a company-wide policy.

Melissa Monaco of Goodyear said, “Goodyear is committed to fostering an inclusive and respectful workplace where all of our associates can do their best in a spirit of teamwork. As part of this commitment, we do allow our associates to express their support on racial injustice and other equity issues but ask that they refrain from workplace expressions, verbal or otherwise, in support of political campaigning for any candidate or political party as well as other similar forms of advocacy that fall outside the scope of equity issues.”

Ok, so Black Lives Matter and LGBT expressions are “equity issues.” But somehow All Lives Matter and Blue Lives Matter isn’t? How does that work?

It seems to be a contradiction in and of itself. How can you have no political affiliations but allow BLM, which, by the way, is an actual pollical organization? Blue Lives Matter and All Lives Matter, on the other hand, don’t actually have organizations under their name, at least not yet.

And as White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said on the issue, Blue Lives Matter is most certainly an “equity issue.” “There have been police officers across the country that have been targeted because they wear the badge.”

It also seems ironic that of the issues listed on the slide, both of those listed on the left are, well, left-leaning political views. At the same time, those listed on the right are typically supported by Republicans.

Goodyear, then came out with another statement, which was posted on social media. However, it did little to clear any of my questions up.

Beyond saying that the slide was not made by corporate, it basically stated the same thing Monaco did before, that political affiliations were not allowed in the workplace, but “racial injustice and equity issues” were. Of course, it did nicely add that Goodyear has and always will “wholeheartedly” support “equality and law enforcement.”

So does that mean Blue Lives Matter shirts are ok now? What about All Lives Matter, surely there isn’t anything quite so “equal” as that?

I doubt. The company neither said they disagreed or agreed with particulars the slide mentioned, and as such, it can be reasonably assumed they will let the slide stand.

In the meantime, due to Trump’s call for a boycott, and the even more recent suggestion that the Goodyear tires on his presidential limousine will be replaced, Goodyear stock has dropped more than 4 percent in the last day and a half.

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