The Real America: Majority of Blacks Want Police Staffing Levels to Remain as Is

This is the sort of thing that is not going to matter to the folks who are currently embroiled in the protests and riots that are taking place all over the country. That does not make it any less true. People are using these protests as an excuse to attack police officers, causing other Americans to sit up and take notice.

When black Americans are polled on the matter, they let the country know where they stand. Respondents were asked if they wanted the police to spend the same amount of time, more time or less time in their neighborhoods. 61 percent of black Americans said that they wanted the status quo to remain untouched.

67 percent of all US adults agree and 71 percent of white Americans are on board. This goes against the ideas that are being perpetrated in the mainstream media. They want everyone to think that the police are no longer welcome under any circumstances. The number of black Americans who want the police to leave is roughly the same as the number who want the police to stay.

The polls did offer one indication that black Americans may not be as enamored with the police as their white counterparts. According to the Gallup poll, 12 percent of black Americans do not have confidence in their local policing and believe that they would be treated unfairly by the authorities. For white residents, this number stands at just 2 percent.

When it comes to the 12 percent who do not have confidence in the police, they represent the segment of the population that would like to have them removed from the area entirely. Every other segment of the American population would like to keep things the same at the moment. The Gallup poll also indicates that attitudes do not change when the respondent is accustomed to dealing with the police.

More interactions do not lead to a difference in attitudes. Negative experiences with the police are formative for many people. 45 percent of black Americans who have had a bad experience with the police are in favor of having them removed from the neighborhood entirely. Out of those who have been treated in a respectful manner by the police, 13 percent are in favor of their departure.

That makes a great deal of sense to us. If someone has had a bad experience with the police in the past, why would they be in favor of having them in the neighborhood? The bottom line is simple, though. The number of Americans who truly want the police to be abolished or removed from their area is not as high as the liberal media wants us to think.

In fact, these numbers line up with the results of past Gallup polls. Another recent poll showed that the number of black Americans who are in favor of abolishing the police entirely stands at just 22 percent. The support for defunding the police seems to stem from bad experiences and that’s worth discussing, for sure. Is the media playing a key role in amplifying those experiences and if so, are they doing it for personal gain?

The surveys are not going to tell the whole story, especially when the mainstream media is involved. They are more interested in keeping certain narratives alive and it’s obvious to anyone who pays even a modicum of attention. Simply put, the police opposition is coming from a much smaller group than most realize because the media is portraying things in a different manner.

People who have been fed these narratives are going to be surprised by the numbers that they see and Gallup polls tend to be a pretty reliable indicator of where folks stand on certain topics. It would be nice to see the media offer up a more nuanced depiction of the national climate but we are not about to hold our breath on that one. The news is not our friend.

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