The Dems’ Plan for America Explained by Donald Trump Jr. (Video)

During his speech at the first night of the RNC, Donald Trump Jr. was given the chance to show his love for his country and the man who raised him. The speech was an impressive one. This young man had so much to share. There are so many quotes to choose from but we are very partial to one in particular.

“So if you’re looking for hope. Look for the man who did what the Obama-Biden Administration never could do. He built the greatest economy our country has ever seen. And President Trump will do it again. We will be stronger than ever because when we put our mind to it there is no obstacle that America can’t surmount. Except there’s a difference this time,” said Trump Jr.

“In the past, both parties believed in the goodness of America. We agreed on where we wanted to go. We just disagreed on how to get there. This time the other party is attacking the very principles on which our nation was founded,” Trump Jr. continued. It is hard to disagree with what he has to say. The nation is definitely headed in a very dangerous direction.

The days of Republicans and Democrats being able to reach across the aisle are over. Nowadays, these parties are so far apart, no one knows what to expect anymore. Most political pundits believed that the second COVID-19 relief bill would have already been passed by now. Instead, the parties bickered and squabbled through the media.

Americans are now going on a full month without any word from their government. It speaks to how fractured things when a simple bill that will keep Americans from going hungry and being evicted cannot be passed because there’s too much political grandstanding going on. Trump Jr. definitely hit the nail on the head with this speech.

The speech was so well received, there is even buzz about Trump Jr. running for president himself one day. Who knows what 2024 will have to offer? This election promises to be one for the ages and it is considered to be one of the most important choices that the nation will ever have to make as a collective.

In a nation that has elected multiple members of the Bush family and nearly did the same with the Clintons, it is easy to see why Trump supporters are looking forward to a potential presidential run from Junior. He’s got a certain look about him and it doesn’t take much to picture him in front of a lectern on a regular basis. Does he even want the job, though?

A lot of would be political dynasties do not even get off the ground because the subsequent family members want no part of the Oval Office. Think about it this way. If you saw your loved one struggling with all of the presidential duties that they have to accomplish and you know that they suffered tremendously, why would you ever decide to walk into that same lion’s den?

The mainstream media is not going to like messages like these. They would rather paint the Republican party as a bunch of incompetents and they want to emphasize any perceived mistakes. A speech like this one does not fit the bill, so they will continue to ignore it. If Trump Jr. had said something that they could seize on, though? You already know that the story would have been told much differently.

The attacks that keep pouring in from the left are getting harder and harder to ignore. This is the same party that thinks that they are experts in taking the high road. The party of “unity” and “empathy” does not like to be called out when they are lacking in these qualities. In the meantime, we hope that the Republican party is able to find a candidate just like Donald Jr. in 2024 (if he’s not willing to run). He certainly looks the part.

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