Ted Cruz Sacks the Opposition: ‘Many Liberal Males Never Grow’ Testicles

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On Friday, Ted Cruz was shootin’ from the hip.

And parallel to the ground.

On social media, the Texas politician fired a shot with some real hair on it.

Aiming to hit ’em where it hurts, the senator roundly sacked the other side.

And it all began with great balls of fire.

As covered during an episode of The Daily Show, a gender reveal party recently sparked a monsterous wildfire in San Bernardino, California.

Here’s more on the trend:

About Cali’s blazing bad luck, host Trevor Noah quipped:

“These gender reveals have gone too far. At this point, gender reveal party is now one of the most dangerous terrorist organizations. It’s ISIS, al-Qaeda, Taylor Swift fans, and gender reveal parties. Not in that order, calm down Swifties.”

Plus, he said, “Celebrating a baby’s genitalia is starting to feel very outdated.”

In summary:

“Like given everything we’re learning about gender, gender reveal parties should only happen when the child is old enough to know their actual gender, and to pitch in some cash for the fire damage.”

There hung the low fruit, ripe for a reply.

Ted’s not known to be crotchety, but his response was perhaps in that vein.

Commenting crudely on the story as shared by The Daily Wire, the senator surely wrinkled the Left:

“A fair point. Many liberal males never grow balls….”

Now that’s a Twitter-war-worthy tweet.

Ted might seem like a laid back guy, but when it comes to throwing at the opposition, he’s got some stones.

Don’t mess with Texas — and don’t mess with Ted Cruz.

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