Ted Cruz Isn’t Letting up on His Crusade Against Biden’s Disastrous Border Policies

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) hasn’t been coy about placing responsibility for the humanitarian disaster at our southern border squarely on the shoulders of the Biden-Harris Administration.

RedState’s Jerry Wilson previously reported on a tweet from Senator Cruz with video, detailing the horrors of the human trafficking endemic to a porous border with lax enforcement against the cartels.

In a longer video, tweeted out on Wednesday, Cruz further detailed the sinister methods traffickers employ to keep thousands of migrants in perpetual bondage.

Cruz explained:

What I’m holding in my hands are the wristbands that just about everyone who crosses wears. These wristbands have different colors. They correspond to how many thousands of dollars the illegal immigrants owe the cartels. Each color reflects how much debt they are in.

Don’t think of these as pieces of plastic. Think of these as leg irons…worn by slaves.

So when the kids get here — the teenage boys — the Biden administration will transport to cities all over the country. You might think if you don’t live on the border, you’re not in a border city. You’d be mistaken. Whatever city you’re in, the Biden administration is sending teenagers who owe Mexican drug cartels thousands of dollars. And they have to pay off that money or their families will be killed. And so these illegal immigrants are working for the cartels in cities all across America.

And the boys have it a lot better than the girls, because far too many of the teenage girls find themselves trapped in sex slavery instead to pay off their debt to the cartel.

Cruz continued (holding up a small band):

This wristband in particular is chilling because it is obviously the size of a child’s hand. I don’t know how old the child was that was wearing this wristband. But it hasn’t been broken, so her hand or his hand was small enough to slip this off without even breaking it.

This chaos — the crime, the misery, the abuse — it is inhumane, it’s horrific, and it’s wrong.

Cruz doesn’t stop with laying out the horrors, though. He lays the blame, right where it belongs.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are responsible for the worst plague of slavery in America…since the Civil War.

Harsh words, but they highlight the harsh reality of the inevitable consequence of flawed policies that incentivize illegal immigration (and the human trafficking and narco trade that inevitably come with it) and disincentivize respect for sovereign borders and legal immigration.

If this administration wanted to make the situation worse — if they wanted the system to be overwhelmed — what else would they be doing?

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