Sorry, Bloomberg! No Refunds Allowed

Mike Bloomberg was determined to buy a Democratic victory across the United States. The hope was to ensure that there were so many voters choosing Biden that it would be a landslide triumph. However, there were voters who proved that they couldn’t be bought.

While Biden has certainly achieved a victory in a number of states, they weren’t in the ones where Bloomberg spent close to $100 million in an effort to outspend Trump.

Voter allegiance should have been obvious in such states as Florida, Texas, and Ohio. There are more Republicans in these states. They voted for Trump in 2016 and it was undoubtedly going to happen again in 2020. Bloomberg dropped significant bank in these three states only for them to turn around and vote for Trump anyway.

Sorry, no refunds allowed.

We’d probably have the winner of the presidential race decided already if there were voters who came out of the woodwork to vote for Biden in Florida, Texas, and Ohio – which is what the former mayor of NYC was hoping for.

After all, Florida would have been 29 votes, Texas would have been 38, and Ohio would have been 18. With 85 votes to Biden, that would have cleared up having to wait for the states that have been slower to report – like Pennsylvania and Georgia. Who needs those 36 when there’s a clear 85 to work with?

However, that’s not what happened. Bloomberg spent $100 million in a bad gamble. And there’s no way for him to get his money back at this point. For someone to drop that kind of money just to help another man get into office is a head-scratcher, though. Regardless of the fact that Bloomberg is a self-made billionaire, that’s a considerable amount of money to drop.

Bloomberg has said that he’d spend “whatever it takes” to help to get the win. But the states that he pumped the cash into didn’t provide a W. So, now, the question is, how will Bloomberg be rewarded for his impressive financial investment if Biden wins? A cabinet position? Head the World Bank? They’re all possibilities.

Where was all of this money spent? Bloomberg’s Super PAC, Independence USA, spent the money on broadcast television ads. He wanted to make sure that the Biden/Harris campaign was visible everywhere – and more prominent than the Trump/Pence campaigns.

Why spend so much money? Bloomberg was convinced that he could spend enough on ads to sway voters, particularly in Ohio. Trump canceled campaigns valued at millions of dollars earlier in the month because he felt his position was strong enough with the voters. However, Bloomberg saw that as a sign of weakness and thought it was worth the risk. The risk wasn’t worth it in the end.

Fox News polls showed that Trump had a slight edge over Biden leading up to the election – and Trump was able to swing the state in his favor just as he had in 2016.

In Florida, it was just as risky. The state has been known to swing from red to blue on any election year. The state voted for Trump in 2016, but only by a small margin. However, they voted blue during the Obama years. With so many Latino voters questioning whether a Biden/Harris presidency meant socialism, they decided to go red – and Bloomberg should have realized that.

As for Texas, it’s hardly a swing state. The state may be one of the reddest states in the nation, with the last time in recent history that the state chose to vote blue being in 1976. It shows off the arrogance of Bloomberg and the rest of the Democratic Party that they truly thought they could win Texas. It wasn’t going to happen – and any Texan would have told them that had they bothered to listen.

So, although it’s still undecided on the winner of the election, it’s clear that Bloomberg wasted $100 million.

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