REPORT: CDC Change in COVID Criteria That Inflated Fatalities 10-Fold Also Broke Federal Law

Remember way back in August, when folks started raising a big stink over the fact that 94% of reported COVID-19 deaths involved at least one other comorbidity?

Well, though the overwhelming prevalence of comorbidities on death certificates fingering COVID-19 does, indeed, also finger the CDC for not just cooking the books, but doing so in ways that likely violated federal law, the problem isn’t nearly as straightforwardly simple as Candace Owens and most other folks took it to be.

Strap on your thinking caps ladies and gents, we’re about to get into the COVID-19 weeds here. But, don’t despair, as Spinoza taught us:

And, coming to terms with the flagrantly crooked accounting used to terrorize the American people into submission so we’d roll over and accept heretofore unheard-of restrictions that completely trashed our nation’s founding commitment to individual liberty is–at present–about as noble as it gets.

And besides, you can trust Dr. Mike to make it all go down as smoothly as a cold Gatoraid on a scorching hot day.

The CDC calls those “comorbidities” that 94% of alleged COVID-19 fatalities had suffered from as of August, “other contributing causes” (OCC).

But, as natural as the assumption is, “OTHER contributing causes” does NOT mean “DISTINCT contributing causes.”

The upshot is that it’s entirely possible–and, indeed, in the vast majority of cases exactly what you’d expect assuming there was a legit reason to list COVID-19 itself to begin with–that the comorbidities appearing on a death certificate along with C19 were also directly caused by it.

Take, for example, the approximately 68,000 decedents with pneumonia listed as an OCC.

Assuming COVID-19 really belonged on their death certificates as well, all those cases of pneumonia would have resulted from the virus infecting the patient’s lungs and, hence, by themselves alone, would in no way imply that any of the poor souls weren’t also straightforwardly killed by it.

Similarly, around 55,000 had “Respiratory Failure” listed as an OCC. And, again, it’s perfectly possible that COVID-19 is what caused all those respiratory systems to break down and, hence, was the straightforward primary cause of their demise.

Likewise, for the 20,000 or so decedents with “cardiac arrest” listed.

Moreover, besides including factors that could have themselves been directly caused by the virus, other OCCs completely distinct from it may have contributed to the patient’s demise without thereby implying that COVID-19 isn’t what really killed him.

For example, around 20,000 of those reported COVID-19 deaths had obesity listed as well. And, even if none of those folks would have passed away had they not been significantly overweight, that obviously in no way implies that COVID-19 wasn’t really the true culprit.

Now, to be clear, none of this is to say that COVID-19 really was responsible for all those deaths.

Indeed, we have plenty of reason to believe it wasn’t.

We’ve known for a while that people who died from gunshot wounds or in road accidents and from suffering myriad other traumatic and sudden deadly events are, nonetheless, showing up on the virus’s death roster.

And, to make matters worse, some researchers at the indispensable COVID-19 site, Rational Ground, just released a bombshell report based on careful examination of 700 Florida COVID-19 death certificates over half of which they found to contain very troubling irregularities and/or list another cause of death which clearly makes the virus irrelevant to the patient’s demise.

Indeed, the first fact everyone needs to deeply internalize is that the primary phenomenum we’re dealing with here is NOT people who were killed by the virus but, rather, people who were reported as such.

When we look at COVID-19 death stats from the U.S. or anywhere else, the immediate object of awareness–the sense-datum, as we called it back in my days as a philosophy professor–is just some very disturbing bookkeeping. And it’s an open question whether that bookkeeping reflects an equally disturbing reality or, instead, whether it merely results from accounting practices adopted by the CDC that created the false impression of something awful.

Why would the CDC engage in such deception?

Money, duh, what else?

Though the mainstream press’s strange abandonment of that most sacred of journalistic principles, Follow the money!, when reporting on the virus means that hardly anyone is aware of it, relentlessly honking the COVID-19 panic-horn turned out to be very profitable for the CDC, indeed.

As RedState reader and statistician, Kurt Schulzke notes in a soon-to-be-released bombshell report of his own:

The CDC’s original 2020 budget of ~$8 billion grew six-fold, to ~$46 billion in 2020, all in response to perceived Covid-19 mortality.

Moreover, this would hardly be the first time the CDC finagled with the criteria for some disease they’ve made megabucks touting in ways that make the touting a whole lot easier.

Back in 1994, AIDS cases actually declined. But any effect this might have had on the CDC’s bottom line was averted by a timely expansion of “the surveillance case definition” of AIDS, which the CDC itself admitted would result in at least a completely bogus 75% increase in cases and others have claimed the CDC’s own data shows wound up, in the event, more than doubling them.

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So, you’d have to be pretty unworldly to think the CDC didn’t do at least a little fudging when they scared the bejesus out of our lily-livered members of congress and netted themselves that 6-fold, $38 billion increase in their 2020 budget.

And, as it turns out, besides being naive, you’d also be risibly mistaken.

As an outfit called Children’s Health Defense noted way back in July,

On March 24th, the CDC decided to ignore universal data collection and reporting guidelines for fatalities in favor of adopting new guidelines unique to COVID-19. The guidelines the CDC decided against using have been used successfully since 2003.

And that March amendation to how COVID-19 deaths got counted together with another one a few weeks later in April resulted in… wait for it… a ten-fold increase in the number of reported fatalities over what the numbers would have looked like under the old guidelines that–for some strange reason–suddenly weren’t good enough for COVID-19 and COVID-19 alone.

Moreover, another outfit issued a report in October which makes a very compelling case that, besides (once again) committing the most despicable violation of public trust imaginable, the CDC also flagrantly broke United States law…

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