Putin Speaks the Truth: The Democratic Party Looks Like the Start of Communism

When Vladimir Putin says that you’re a communist, you’re a communist. If there’s anyone who would know, it’s someone who was a member of the Soviet Communist Party for close to two years. Now, he has identified what so many Americans have been wondering. Yes, the liberals are leaning closer to communism than ever before.

Russia isn’t exactly an ally of the United States. So, he can say what he wants without being offensive.

The Russian President identified that the Democratic Party is closer to social democracy – and those are the kinds of ideas that give rise to communism. Even after saying that, he identified that he’d work with any future president.

The Soviet Communist Party and the US Democratic Party have a number of shared values, according to Putin. He believes that it could be the “ideological basis” to form a US-Russia relationship, which would happen if Biden were to be elected as president.

This comment alone should be terrifying. Communism is the last thing any country really wants. Freedoms are stripped. Money is dispersed based on what the government believes is important.

Putin goes on to say that “the Democratic Party is traditionally closer to the so-called liberal values, closer to Social Democratic ideas, if compared to Europe.” And, it’s important to note that the Communist Party evolved from a social-democratic environment.

Bernie Sanders identifies himself as a social democrat. Now, look at the number of people throughout the US government who wanted to stand behind Sanders and not Biden. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is among one of the most outspoken. There are plenty of people who would have loved that kind of shift within our government.

There are voters who want social democracy. However, with Biden winning the primaries, it shows that the country isn’t there…yet. A Suffolk University survey also showed that 14 percent of voters who were supporting Sanders won’t support Biden. They’ll either choose to vote for a third-party candidate or for Trump – or they won’t vote at all.

This means that, even within the Democratic Party, there is a significant amount of division. Some people want to maintain a Democratic Party while others would like to push further to the left to call themselves social democrats – and that’s not too far from socialism and, then, communism.

What’s interesting about Putin’s comments is that he sounds very interested in seeing Biden become the president because of sharing more of the left-leaning ideals. Yet, Dems are constantly hitting Trump for having a close relationship with the Russian president.

Putin claims that Russians are simply onlookers and that they aren’t interfering in the process. Instead, he says that what happens with the US elections are “the result of the country’s internal political processes and problems.”

There have been improved relationships between the US and Russia since Trump took office. However, Putin isn’t too happy with the INF treaty withdrawal. Both countries are also focused on stabilizing the world energy market.

Biden has called Trump “Putin’s Puppy” in the past. However, if he’s elected, it will seem that he and Putin have even more in common than Trump ever dreamed of having in common. After all, the Democratic Party is on the verge of leaning toward socialism.

The Democratic Party will find themselves in quite the predicament when they want to move forward with social democracy while still calling Russia their enemy. Putin’s fully prepared to work with whoever wins the election, identifying that the candidate will be the one to receive the “vote of confidence” from the American people.

With Putin stating that he’s staying out of the elections, that’s something. However, it sounds like he’d rather work with Biden than Trump. So, if there is any suspicion of Russian intervention, the Dems better be careful about pointing the finger at the GOP since it’s not Trump that Putin would prefer as president.

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