Police Targeted In Pennsylvania as Man With Knife Refuses to Obey

Liberals are getting more violent the closer the election date gets. Any reason that they can find to march, destroy, and loot is theirs for the taking. The war on the police continues at the hands of the crazy liberals. Over the weekend, a man came at the officers yielding a knife. This prompted the police to pull their weapons to protect themselves.

The man did not listen to police commands, which led to him getting shot. His death was the reason the liberals needed to run back onto the streets to violently attack anyone and everything in sight.

The violent night led to 91 arrests and 30 injured police officers. One police sergeant was deliberately targeted by a truck driver and was run down in the middle of the street. The demon-possessed liberals called the whole affair another situation of the police killing black people.

Walter Wallace Jr. did not have to take a knife and start threatening people. Had he attacked the family of the protestors, they would have longed for the police to show up to save their lives. The crowd threw objects at the police and even set a vehicle on fire. The Democrats would believe that they are justified in their actions.

The crowd took dumpsters and lit them on fire. These are not the actions of law-abiding citizens. They are the reactions of hateful Democrats trying to make a statement that they hate law and order. The police were able to keep the bums from taking down the main roadway through their training and working together as a unit.

These murderous liberals declared war on the police and even threw objects at them, hoping to kill them. Their weapons of choice were bricks and rocks as they declared war. Their actions are mirror images of the way the Democrats are acting over the Barrett confirmation.

The demoralizing actions of the liberal rioters are being passed on to the next generation. One man was seen holding his three-year-old toddler, and he told the child that “This is what racism looks like. Take a look.” This man does not deserve to have children if his actions will only create another generation of police hating people.

The man was shot late in the afternoon as he was found waving a weapon at people. Wallace was ordered by police to lay the knife down but refused and came at the police. The officers have the right to protect themselves from harm. When their lives are endangered, they are allowed to fire their weapons. Anyone not wanting to die needs to obey commands and not put their lives in danger.

It is a simple concept to obey commands. But these rioters think they are somehow above the law. It was clear from all videos that Wallace provoked the police and was not about to stop threatening them or others around him. In order to save lives, the police had to take his life.

The police took the man to the hospital after he was shot, but he died on the way. Police rules dictate that when a weapon is fired, the officer is taken off the street until an investigation can be conducted. This shows that the police take shooting matters very seriously.

Maurice Holloway is a witness to the events. He states that neighbors tried to get Wallace to put the knife down, but he refused. Holloway also mentioned that the man was part of the community, and they felt that they were not threatened by the man. But that is not the issue. He threatened other people that are not part of the community.

The family of Wallace is left with a void and wonder why tasers were not used. The fact is that no officer had a taser, so they had to use that they had at their disposal to save lives. There is no reason why Wallace should not have obeyed. He would still be alive today had he just put the knife down and surrendered to the police like he should have done.

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