People Don’t Want Censorship: Joe Rogan Tops Charts In Spite of Leftist Outrage

“That is a phenomenally cynical moral decision to take.”

The call for censorship of the podcast host and editorial oversight has, so far, been rejected by Spotify brass, and it’s clear as to why. Not only was editorial oversight of the podcast not in the deal made with Spotify, but Rogan also remains wildly popular and has boosted Spotify’s user base.

Since Rogan joined, Spotify announced that it added 27 percent more premium subscribers over the past year with 144 million paying customers.

This all proves that at the end of the day, the calls for censorship are coming from a very loud but very small group. The majority of Americans want there to be no censorship and for people to be allowed to say whatever they wish to.

It’s a smart idea in the long run. If someone is crazy or evil, it’s best to let them speak their mind in the public square so as to expose the crazy for what it is. Any and all points made in the public square can be equally countered and debated, allowing the people to decide for themselves what they want to believe or disbelieve.

Spotify employees and special interest groups currently believe they know what’s best for the people and wish to make those choices on their behalf. This is as insulting as it is despotic and Spotify is making the correct decision in treating its customers like adults.

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