Pelosi’s Panic Attack on Twitter is Nothing but False Claims, Showing Ignorance

Nancy Pelosi is in a position of power, God help us all. When she makes claims, people assume that they are fact. However, her hate for Trump has caused her to roll around in the power that she has as Speaker of the House. She makes false claims, knows that they’re false, and speaks them as truth anyway.

If you were to listen to Nancy Pelosi, Trump is trying to “dismantle’ the United States Postal Service. No. He simply wants to reduce the number of mail-in ballots being used for the General Election. Why? He knows that it’s an area where it can be used for nefarious acts like ballot stuffing.

Nancy Pelosi is starting to make herself look more ignorant than she already does. If Trump wanted to keep people from mailing in their ballots, he would have to do more than just dismantle the USPS. People could always drop their ballots off at one of the official collection boxes at a government building.

Oh, and in-person voting will still be available in every state.

So, Trump is not trying to suppress anyone’s votes.

The Dems are starting to panic, and it’s showing. They’re panicked that Trump could actually win the election – especially now that the big lead that Biden had is dwindling fast since he announced Kamala Harris as his running mate.

The Dems are setting it up so that they can convince voters that they can’t trust the election results in the event that Trump wins. It’s just like last time. They can’t fathom a world where people would rather have Trump as president than the losers they keep putting up to run against him – first Hillary Clinton and now Joe Biden.

Nancy Pelosi is starting to panic. Trump might win the election. So, what does she do? She takes to Twitter to urge the caucus to come back to DC. Let’s make that clear. She has canceled the recess of the House just to get everyone back to DC to keep Trump from “threatening the lives, livelihood & life of our American democracy.”

Even as she says things, they don’t make sense. She says that there’s an assault by Trump and his “mega-donor Postmaster General Louis DeJoy” on the Postal Service. Now…why would the postmaster be assaulting the Postal Service? That’s his department. If he were to try to tear it apart, it would affect his career. Pelosi is using scare tactics to get votes away from Trump.

Oh, and she’s also panicked that he’s coming for the Social Security checks of retirees. What? When did this happen? Trump has been for Social Security since the very beginning. She’s referring to the executive order that postpones payroll taxes for businesses. It’s not going to impact Social Security – and Obama did the same thing to help with economic recovery. Yet, Pelosi was silent when Obama did the same exact thing.

The sheeple of the Democratic Party are jumping on board, continuing with the false claims. Jim Langevin, a Congressman in Rhode Island tweets, “President Trump is trying to suppress the vote by not properly funding @USPS with no regard for Americans who rely on it for prescriptions, social security checks, & other essentials.”

This is all getting out of hand. First of all, Social Security checks are direct deposited into bank accounts, not mailed. Obama put a stop to that 10 years ago – and Congress should know this better than anyone.

As for prescriptions and other essentials, the USPS is still being used – as it always has. The USPS has been flailing for over a decade – so it’s not Trump’s fault that it’s not receiving the funding. Proof that the USPS has been flailing? Just look at the way the cost of the postage stamp has been steadily increasing year after year.

Pelosi is claiming that people need a mail-in ballot option for their health and in the same breath, is organizing a “Day of Action” for people to appear at their local post offices.

The hypocrisy and lies never end with her, and the false claims are finally being highlighted.

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