Oregon Sheriffs Refuse Governor’s Order To Sacrifice Their Livelihoods for Her Lunatic Socialist Ideas

Oregon Democrat Governor Kate Brown made an insane request this past Sunday. She told her state’s sheriffs that they needed to head to Portland to deal with the issues that are taking place there. In her mind, it is okay for these officers to be turned into sacrificial lambs. The abusive liberal courts and the angry protesters are going to chew these folks out and spit them back out again.

Does Brown actually care? Of course she doesn’t. To make matters worse, Governor Brown and Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler were not willing to accept the assistance that the president had to offer. The ailing liberal cities were given the chance to receive assistance from the feds and the National Guard. The leadership in these cities would rather pretend that everything is okay.

The liberal mainstream media is doing everything that they can to advance that narrative in the meantime. Instead of giving the National Guard a few hours to solve the problem, mayors and governors want the symbolic victory that comes from not asking Trump for help. The United States progressives that think they are solving racism right now are only going to make things much, much worse.

Their level of commitment to this plan is very dangerous and we hope that cooler heads will eventually prevail. The request was made by Brown after a Trump supporter was gunned down in the streets by one of the many progressives who are engaging in acts of violence. These far left activists are not here to help augur a new era. They do not want change.

Governor Brown won’t engage with the fact and that’s why she is hoping that the sheriffs will clean up her awful mess. Oregon sheriffs, to their credit, are not going for this one at all. They have let the governor know that she can take a long walk off a short pier. According to Clackamas County Sheriff Craig Roberts, he did not even receive a courtesy call from the governor before the order was made.

He’s not about to send his deputies into the war zone and rightfully so. Why would anyone feel compelled to help a governor who has acted like she has all of the answers? Sheriff Pat Garrett from Washington County is not compelled to help the mayor, either. He’s already let the world know that he is not going to send his deputies into Portland.

We certainly do not fault these deputies for not being happy to race into the riots. They have been told that they are not needed anymore since the riots began. The same people who have been quick to let them know that they should lose all of their funding now want them to ride in and save the day. To be perfectly honest, we would have told this governor to pound sand as well.

Deputies are not about to risk their lives. They are being asked to put themselves in harm’s way by people who have made their lack of respect for them very evident. It’s the equivalent of spitting in someone’s face and then asking them for a ride home. No one is going to keep turning the other cheek, only to get slapped every time.

That’s exactly what the progressives want, though. If you have an issue with anything that they have said over the past few months, it is because you are a racist and you want the country divided. If they happen to jump someone who is wearing a MAGA hat, though? That is all well and good with them. You just don’t understand politics!

It remains to be seen as to whether any other governors would be willing to put themselves on the line like this. Brown made a valiant attempt but it was too little, too late. Surely, she can understand why these efforts were rebuffed. If not? It is obvious to everyone but her!

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