Oops! Biden Claims He Gave 18,000 People Clemency, He Actually Denied Them Clemency (Video)

The Joe Biden gaffes are a daily occurrence now. We have gotten so used to them, they essentially roll right off our backs. His latest pet topic is law enforcement. He’s caught onto the fact that no one believes in him anymore from a law enforcement standpoint. That’s why he is saying anything that pops into his head at this point.

He does not care if the words are even true. All he cares about is making sure that people are lied to on an everyday basis. It’s too bad that he has to put such an early “lid” on his days. Think about all of the prime lying time that he is missing out on. His latest fib is quite the whopper, that is for sure.

He is now claiming that he granted clemency to at least 18,000 Americans during his tenure as vice president. There is just one problem with this lovely sounding statement. It is nowhere near the truth. At this point in his life, Biden’s brains are so scrambled, we are unsure if he’s even lying in an intentional way anymore.

As George Costanza says, it is not a lie if you actually believe it. Biden definitely believes all of the hype that he is responsible for creating. How can he really make a difference when everything that he says is an absolute crock? The real statistic that he was trying his best to quote is actually not one that he would have wanted to repeat.

Instead of providing 18,000 Americans with clemency, Biden was responsible for denying it. That’s right. 18,000 Americans made the big ask, only to be told no by the guy who loves to portray himself as the leftists’ best friend. They are going to be in for a rude awakening when and if he arrives in office.

He is going to be the same moderate that he has always been because: News Flash! The leftists are already going to vote for him anyway. At this point, who is even still undecided? Biden and Trump exist on totally opposite ends of the current political spectrum. If anyone is still undecided by this stage of the electoral cycle, it has to be a very small number at best.

Biden continues to lie because he has delusions of swiping voters away from President Trump. Why else would he spend so much time carping about the socialist narrative that he has been more than happy to perpetuate? The Democrat voters are not going to be impressed with that. If anything, he risks scaring them off with all of this unneeded flip-flopping.

You would think that NBC host Leslie Holt would have been willing to fact check this. The mainstream media outlets have been treating Biden with kid gloves from the beginning. They have no real reason to change now. They reserve all of their fact-checking gusto for when they are mad at Donald Trump. Democrat candidates simply aren’t held to that same standard.

The Democrats should be grateful that Biden even felt it necessary to leave the Delaware basement bunker. He has treated this campaign as a vacation of sorts. Once he was able to lure Kamala Harris into the fold, he’s truly been able to relax and take it easy. Harris cannot resist the opportunity because there was absolutely no way that the Democratic voters would have been willing to vote for her without Biden’s help.

They can lie if they want to now but we were there on social media when she was attempting to run. She was a cop and no one liked her. Biden was a moderate who wasn’t as good as Bernie Sanders. Now, they are left with the impossible task of placating the leftists that they pretend to care about. The road to the White House is not over yet. Lies like these are only going to make the journey even harder for this “dynamic duo”.

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