NY Post Delivers the Perfect Takedown of Biden’s Recession Denialism

Joe Biden and his team have been trying to sell us a bunch of malarkey this week, redefining the term “recession” because they knew that the GDP number that came in this week on Thursday would likely be another negative quarter. Indeed, it was, as we reported, declining 0.9 percent. The definition is two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth.

Earlier in the week, Biden tried to claim we’re not in a recession, “in my view.” CNN even mocked that “in my view” claim. But after the number came in on Thursday, a petulant Joe Biden was still denying it. He beat it out of there quickly, refusing to take any questions. Talk about not living in reality — this is it.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen took it even a step beyond that, quoting Biden, “We have entered a new phase in our recovery.”

It’s a new phase, alright. We just went from crushing inflation into a recession. The Biden team’s main concern seems not to adopt good policies to deal with it but to pretend it’s not even happening–that it’s a “recovery.” That’s not just lying, it’s also insulting our intelligence. Not just taking the money out of our pocket but telling us we should enjoy it as they rob us. That’s why no one can trust anything that comes from this Administration.

But the NY Post had the perfect response to this effort to redefine reality, and Joe Biden may want to check it, since he doesn’t seem to understand the meaning of the word “recession.” It’s a brilliant graphic on the front page, lampooning the Biden idiocy on the topic.

They define it as “a period of temporary economic decline during which trade and industrial activity are reduced, generally identified by a fall in GDP in two successive quarters.” They even use it in an appropriate sentence, “The country is in the depths of a recession.”

Biden can try to deny it all he wants. He can do the typical leftist, Orwellian thing of changing the language to make it fit your narrative more. We’re seeing the left try to redefine all kinds of things–even the term woman. But the problem is Americans are still going to feel the fact of the recession in their wallets, and they’re going to vote based on that. It’s not going to go well for Biden and the Democrats.

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