News of the Whirled: He’s Tried Congressman, President…Now Beto Gets Around to Governor

How about a reunion?

In October, I brought you the triumphant return of Robert Francis O’Rourke.

His new domain at the time: Not a punk rock stage, not a political one.

Like Rodney Dangerfield, Beto was going back to school:

Unlike Rodney, business wasn’t Beto’s bag.

But it didn’t have to be: He inherited $5 million and married into a family worth half a billion.

And now Mr. O might be getting back to the business of government.

As reported by The Daily Wire, Beto — who challenged Sen. Ted Cruz in 2018 — is considering a run for Texas governor.

It would make sense: Two Augusts ago, the presidential candidate told America he had to remain in the race — because anything less than himself wouldn’t be “good enough.”

Speaking to El Paso radio station KLAQ Monday, he pulled the pin from a gubernatorial grenade: “[It’s] something I’m going to think about.”

On Tuesday, The Texas Tribune relayed Gov. Greg Abbott’s response:

“You’re talking about a person who says they want to run for governor who said, ‘Heck yes,’ he’s gonna come and take your guns. Heck yes, he’s for open borders. Heck yes, he’s for killing the energy sector and fossil fuels in the state of Texas. I don’t think that’s gonna sell real well.”

The guns thing does seem a Longhorn State liability.

Back in 2019, O’Rourke postulated an on-point platform:

At the time, he assured citizens they could keep their hunting rifles.

At the same time, the AR-15 was America’s best-selling hunting rifle.


Will he run for state head honcho next time around?

Either way — as indicated via tweet — he’ll fight against Abbott’s re-election:

Still, surely some believe — where politics is concerned — the guy’s got no wheels.

But don’t count him out — just when you think he’s wearing lead boots…maybe that’s he skates in for the win:

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