New York Spends COVID-19 Money on Food

COVID-19 relief funds are supposed to be distributed to people and businesses that need the help financially. In many cases, the funds have reached the intended recipients. But in liberal states with crooked governors such as Andrew Cuomo, the funds were distributed to other parties that did not need the financial help.

Cuomo has allowed Erie County leaders, New York, to take $227,000 of the COVID-19 relief funds and spend it on items such as pork, pots, pans, knives, and food items. Erie County Comptroller is Stefan Mychajliw is a Republican, and he stated that “I don’t understand how pizza, wings and pork chops help fight coronavirus. They bought pots and pans with CARES Act funding. How the hell is the purchase of pots and pans fighting the coronavirus?”

The answer to his question is that it will not help. Somewhere along the line, the liberals misused the funds for a worthless cause. The fraudulent use of these funds by county leaders is insane. They spent $44,320 at a pizzeria, $34,592 at a bar and grill, and several other worthless endeavors.

The liberal thieves saw a chance to live like kings and queens, and they decided to rob taxpayers to do it.

Mychajliw stated in a letter to every House and Senate leader that “Our county executive has been fairly liberal, literally and figuratively, with handing out federal money like he’s Santa Claus at Christmas. I don’t think members of Congress intended coronavirus funds to go towards pizza, wings and pork chops. They wanted it to go towards [personal protective equipment], certain businesses and health care workers on the front lines.”

This is not the only case in New York, where funds have been stolen. In Erie County, it was found that they paid $1,052,972 to 56 salaried employees for working overtime. The last time anyone checked, salaried employees are not eligible for overtime pay.

Erie County Health Commissioner Gale Burstein is the greedy one who was given $166,319 above and beyond her normal salary. Myschajliw came out and stated that “These are Democratic political patronage hires who should never get overtime. Ever. There’s no justification for it. Especially for political appointees. When you take a political job and you’re salaried, you know regardless of the hours your work that’s what you’re paid.”

This money was to be used for the purchasing of medical equipment and other devices to fight COVID-19. It was not to be used to supplement the greed of liberals in powerful positions. Peter Anderson is a spokesman for the accused. He rationalized the crime by stating that their spending was compliant with the restrictions and “Also, not just overtime but all COVID-related personnel expenses are eligible for CRF Fund usage. And as far as food purchases, food is a common emergency purchase, is CRF fund compliant, and most food is purchased to feed people at the quarantine hotel.”

There is no other state employee that ever receives that much money. The liberals saw a way for them to pad their pockets with taxpayer money. There is no liberal alive who would be willing to deny their own selves for others’ benefit. They just do not have it within themselves to put others first.

The misuse of funds will also affect other areas of their finances as pensions are determined by the three highest years of salary. So, someone figured out that they needed a boost in order to be able to retire in comfort.

Mychajliw went on to point out that “That’s why people are outraged. It’s not just the overtime they’re getting. This is going to cost taxpayers for decades because it could increase the amount of pension payments these employees are getting.”

The county is at significant risk of being audited by the federal government. Myschajliw went on to point out that “If the federal government decided to conduct an audit, I’m incredibly concerned they’re going to have to pay some of this money back.” The liberals that stole this money for their use should have to pay it back because they took and used it for purposes other than what it was intended to be used for.

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