New Report! DHS Knew in July! Portland Riots Were Carefully Organized

The titular warning was actually provided by the very same former DHS undersecretary who is working in a similar capacity with Adam Schiff. As the acting head of the DHS intelligence unit, it did not take long for Brian Murphy to figure out the obvious. Since the riots in Portland have emulated the tactics and techniques of other riots, this means that they are now considered to be an organized action.

Catherine Herridge is the CBS News reporter who provided a closer look at the Murphy report. She provided some excerpts in her tweets and they paint a very chilling picture of what is currently taking place. If you don’t want to take our word for it, take a moment to check out the report for yourself.

“We can’t say any longer that this violent situation is opportunistic. Additionally, we have overwhelmingly(sic) intelligence regarding the ideologies driving individuals toward violence + why the violence has continued. A core set of Threat actors are organized and show up night after night, and share common TTPs (Tactics, Techniques and Procedures)..” the report reads.

“Threat actors who are motivated by Anarchists or ANTIFA (or a combination of both) ideologies to carry out acts of violence against State, Local and Federal authorities..” Murphy continues. This distinction is sure to provide a sizable amount of discomfort. The Trump administration is going to seize on this report and claim that the rioters are completely out of control.

The president will probably attempt to send federal officers back to the city. We are going to get some more tweets and speeches about the importance of law and order as well. Meanwhile, Schiff is going to be asking Murphy to testify. He will have to provide further information about DHS intelligence, as it relates to issues that are related to election security.

Schiff is going to want to make Murphy look more credible about matters that are related to his pet issue: election fraud. Trump is going to want Murphy to advance his narrative about dangerous Antifa operatives who are starting riots. It’s always possible that Trump may not even need Murphy at a certain point.

The facts are becoming more and more obvious. Even the Washington Post is now willing to admit that the left is actively working to organize these protests. Of course, they could not get through their article without providing their readers with a heaping helping of the Boogaloo Boys. They still want to try their best to spread the blame to “far right” groups as much as they can.

A report has been issued by the Network Contagion Research Institute that shouldn’t be shocking to anyone who pays even a modicum of attention to social media. The left is embracing very common tactics, including memes and profane slogans. You can barely scroll through Twitter these days without seeing someone with an ACAB display name. This stands for “All Cops Are ______” and you can probably guess what the B stands for.

The report also focuses on the findings that have taken place when it comes to the toppled statues and graffiti. Many of the same slogans that are seen on social media have been spray painted onto these structures. Murphy also seems to be worried about the potential spread of “network enabled mobs” who are able to congregate and create far more serious incidents than the ones we have been seeing this summer.

This is obvious to us and the vast majority of our readers but apparently, there were some people out there who needed to be told. Antifa iconography has been found at most of these protests but there are still lots of folks out there who refuse to believe that they are involved. President Trump has been doing his best to stop them but when cities will not accept the assistance that he has to offer? There is not much more that he can do.

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