New CNN Poll Spells Doom for Biden

Very few people are actually watching CNN nowadays and for good reason. It’s a network that only appeals to those who are left of the left. Its reporting exists somewhere in between radical leftist fanfiction and Democrat Party propaganda. Its loudest voices have no problem pointing to an average American and labeling them a terrorist.

But even extreme biases have their uses. When CNN posts a poll, you can count on the fact that they’ll over-sample the left. In their latest poll, if they have over-sampled the left, then the Biden administration’s days are numbered.

According to a CNN poll released on Tuesday, the number of Democrats who want Biden for a second term has fallen to untenable numbers.

The number of Democrats that want Biden replaced on the 2024 ticket now stands at a whopping 75 percent, a number that has risen drastically from 51 percent just last February.

The reason they don’t want him back varies. Thirty-two percent believe it’s because he has no chance of defeating a GOP contender, who at this time is none other than former President Donald Trump. This 32 percent number is also double what it was earlier in the year.

These numbers are consistent with other polls that have shown Biden’s popularity falling like an anvil. The last poll had Biden sitting with a 30 percent approval rating. While it’s not the lowest approval rating in the history of presidents, there’s still a lot of time to go till 2024.

At this time, the record is held by George W. Bush at 19 percent. At this rate, it’s likely Biden will either hit to surpass that mark.

As his approval number sinks lower, you can expect to see both the media and fellow Democrat politicians begin distancing themselves from Biden, and even going so far as to blame various issues caused by the Democrat Party on him. Recently, Rep. Cori Bush refused to say whether or not she would support Biden should he attempt to run for a second term, indicating a hesitance to put her own name on the line for the endorsement of a candidate few in the Democrat Party like.

In fact, Bush was so hesitant to talk about it that her aide had to come and bail her out of the interview so she could quickly walk away from it.

What the DNC’s next move is is anybody’s guess, but at this point it’s pretty clear that whatever they choose to do, it won’t involve Biden.

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