Narrative Fail: Turns out the Folks Behind the Whitmer Plot Aren’t Who Dems and Media Are Painting Them As

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As we reported previously, the FBI busted up a plot against Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer, to allegedly overthrow or kidnap her by an “extremist militia group.”

The FBI did a good job taking down the group and it sounded like a serious danger to Whitmer if they did what they are alleged to have done, so it’s good they got them.

But when Whitmer sounded off about the plot, she immediately tried to falsely link the president and the Proud Boys to the event, neither of which had anything to do with it. According to Whitmer, Trump had sent a “rallying cry” to “action.”

Of course there were several problems with her assertions. The Proud Boys are a different group, Trump has nothing to do with them and they aren’t “white supremacists.”

Further, turns out in checking out the folks behind the alleged plot, one of the alleged ringleaders, Brandon Caserta, would appear to be an anarchist. Not only that, he’s anti-Trump. Check the flag in the background.

Caserta called Trump a “tyrant” and an “enemy.” Doesn’t sound at all like a Trump supporter or someone who is in any way operating based on Trump.

From Townhall:

“Trump is not your friend, dude,” Caserta says. “And it amazes me that people actually believe that when he’s shown over and over and over again that he’s a tyrant. Every single person that works for government is your enemy, dude.”

But this isn’t what media or Whitmer and the Democrats are reporting, they seem to want to paint these folks as if they were on the right.

The Detroit News implied a connection to the Boogaloo Boys because Caserta was wearing a Hawaiian shirt in a video but they apparently missed or failed to mention the anarchist flag he was displaying in the video. Nor do they explain that Boogaloos include leftists, anarchists and are very anti-government and anti-police, having far more in common ideologically with BLM/antifa than any conservative or “right” group. There’s a basic failure to understand that dimension of the Boogaloo Boys.

It doesn’t take much to find the Caserta video with the anarchist flag or to track down that Boogaloo Boys included leftist anarchists. But that doesn’t seem to be something that most media wants to point out because it would blow the argument they were on the right.

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