Must See! Biden Voters Throw Objects Onto Trump Supporters’ Vehicles From Overpass

On Saturday, Portland residents decided to showcase their Trump support by starting a massive vehicle parade through the city. Of course, this is where we will point out the obvious. Joe Biden has never had this level of support in his life. If he can’t be bothered to leave his basement, why would anyone want to hop in their car and support him?

Portland has been suffering a great deal over the past few months. For three months straight, their citizens have been watching untold amounts of violence take place. Black Lives Matter protesters and Antifa members are making their voices heard. Once it came time for Trump supporters to do the same, the reception wasn’t nearly as pleasant.

Several leftists decided to position themselves in a manner that would deliberately miss up the convoy. As if this were not enough, they stood on an overpass and launched objects at any pro Trump vehicle that they saw. These people probably should have been keeping their behaviors to themselves. Leftists sure do love to film their crime sprees, though.

They thought that they we were going to get all sorts of likes and shares online but in reality? People are wondering why this crowd could be so deranged. Imagine if Trump supporters showed up to any leftist event and started hurling projectiles. The news would be much different. The president himself would probably be blamed, whether he was present or not.

Oh, who are we kidding? There’s no probably about it. Trump would be blamed and we would never hear the end of it. These actions were very dangerous but the crowd did not care one iota. Bottles were thrown at cars and anyone who had an American flag on their vehicle was immediately pelted. This is the America that Joe Biden wants.

The mainstream news media refuses to cover these types of stories because they do not align with their chosen narratives. Conservatives are evil and liberals are good……even when they try to cause 20 car pile ups because they do not agree with someone else’s political beliefs. To say that the leftists are treated with kid gloves is putting it mildly.

If you are waiting for CNN or any of the other liberal outlets to carry this story, you are in for a long wait. The videos are disturbing, to say the least. We are just glad that no one was seriously hurt because a group of lefties decided that they wanted to mess up someone else’s day. The water bottles that were being thrown may have even been frozen.

Let’s say that they were and someone was badly hurt or killed. Would they have stepped forward to take responsibility for what had happened? No, they would have blamed the right wing like they always do. You see, nothing that the left does is actually their own fault. If they do something wrong, they simply say it was because Trump pushed them to that point. It’s a pretty nifty gimmick, to be honest.

Fortunately, these people saw fit to record their crime spree. It probably won’t take long for the authorities to catch up with them. They have been finding people from the protests for months now, mostly because they are all too stupid to conceal themselves. This is how you know that these people have no idea how to stand up for what they believe in. The protests are now little more than an orgy of destruction.

That’s not what the liberals claimed that the protests were all about, either. It was supposed to be about getting justice for the victims of police brutality. It’s quickly turned into liberals vs Trump supporters, round 1,000. The upcoming election is definitely making everyone retreat to their ideological corners. In a perfect world, everyone would come together and share ideas. We are a long way from that sort of world at the moment.

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