More for Me and Less for Thee! BLM Activist Steals Over $500k From Donors

Some may know him as Sir Maejor Page but his real name is actually Tyree Conyers-Page. Those who reside in the Atlanta area may already be familiar with him. He first began to make a name for himself as an activist in Atlanta back in 2015. He is responsible for founding the Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta organization.

His efforts at promoting the organization were not successful over the past five years. Once the George Floyd case made national news, Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta received far more attention. Conyers-Page received a massive influx of donations. By the time it was all said and done, he had received over $500,000.

The donations were solicited on his Facebook page for Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta and donors sent their money to a Go Fund Me account. The balance of the group was never able to exceed $5,000 before now. After George Floyd died at the hands of Minneapolis police officers, the donations skyrocketed. Between the months of June and August alone, the organization received over $470,000.

The funding was then transferred into an account that Page owns and operates. He probably thought that he was going to get away with this one but an anonymous tipster informed the FBI. They let the FBI know about him before but once he started collecting this amount of money, the Feds were not about to let that slide.

The witness let the FBI know that he was using the organization to enrich himself and the rest took care of itself. It’s not like this man was trying that hard to cover his tracks. The page that he used may have been registered as a nonprofit on Facebook but the organization itself had already been stripped of their tax-exempt status by this time.

Page did not help matters. His insistence on boasting about all of his newfound money led to his undoing. According to the FBI complaint, he had no job and no way to account for the cash that he was throwing around. The man was paying for all sorts of fancy things for himself with an ATM card that was directly connected to the organization’s bank account.

He is alleged to have spent over $200,000 on personal items and this should be appalling to anyone who decided to donate to him. None of the money that was donated to this charlatan was actually used for any sort of social justice cause. Page even bought a house in Toledo and a friend of his tried to claim that it would be used to provide shelter to the needy.

He was living in the house at least some of the time, though. FBI agents raided the home last Friday. From the looks of it, Page’s grifting days are over. If you would like to see the local news coverage of the raid, be sure to check out the video below. These are the people who need to be made an example of. Donors need to know that their monies are being used properly.

Whether you agree with these causes or not, we can all agree that this man’s behavior was wrong. It is one thing to use a small amount of donation money to handle operational expenses and such. It is quite another to blow it on fancy hotel rooms and six-figure real estate purchases. Since the man left a digital trail of evidence, it probably won’t be hard for the Feds to bring in a conviction on this one.

Let’s hope that the leftists start vetting their donations a bit more closely in the future. They cannot continue to allow themselves to be hoodwinked like this. We can’t begin to imagine how angry we would be if we logged into Instagram and saw the man we donated to showing off his expensive cufflinks. Hopefully, he kept a little something to the side to pay his lawyer fees.

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