Minneapolis Tells Citizens to Unconditionally Surrender to Criminals After Police Budget Slashed

Now that the Democrats are getting their way, citizens are getting a new crash course in dealing with the police. This is what our lives are like now. The Minneapolis Police Department is offering up all kinds of insane tips and pointers that are designed to make sure that everything goes according to plan. There’s been a massive spike in carjackings and robberies as of late (shocking).

If you are pressed by the robbers, the MPD does not want you to call them. Instead, they are asking you to give up your phone, wallet, car keys, whatever the robbers are asking for. On one level, this is good advice. Why should someone risk their life for items that are easily replaceable and/or insured? That’s not a wise choice under any circumstance.

However, that does not mean that citizens should be encouraged to surrender unconditionally. In addition to handing over the goods, Minneapolis residents are also being asked not to put up a fight. These residents are also being urged not to walk alone on the streets. This is the shameful world that they are being forced to live in, all because a few liberals are looking to abolish the police.

Pay attention to your surroundings at all times as well. Minneapolis residents are even being told to stop carrying any cash. As you approach your car, you are even being warned about having your keys in hand. The tips are making us feel like we live in a dystopian underworld. It’s not the America that we grew up in, that is for sure.

The police department even said that robberies would continue to happen, “despite all of our efforts”. To top it all off, the citizens who are experiencing the robberies are even being given instructions on how to properly snitch. Those who call 911 are asked to have a wide range of information at the ready as soon as they pick up the phone.

They will need to identify the number of suspects, what they look like and any identifying characteristics about the robbers. It’s an awful lot to ask from people who are being told that they do not have any protection. The police clearly aren’t going to offer any assistance when the tattletales are targeted because of their snitching.

These folks won’t even be assisted when the crime is actually taking place, so why would they trust the police to help them once they have told on the criminals? It’s a wonderful system that these leftists have established. This is what has unfolded ever since Minneapolis elected to move away from traditional policing and installed a “community-led public safety system”.

The month of July was a particularly trying one for the 3rd precinct police. 100 robberies and 20 carjackings have been reported to these officers in the month of July alone. Local residents should be able to receive help when they are being attacked by dangerous criminals. Instead, the authorities are basically teaching them how to engage in the most peaceful form of surrender possible.

This should show everyone what would happen if the rest of the country is dumb enough to go along with this initiative. It’s not the type if plan that anyone should be willing to normalize. The removal of the police is one of those things that sounds great on paper but in reality, it does not work out nearly as well as it should.

Minneapolis wants to be a standard-bearer for the rest of the nation but for the most part, they are showing everyone what shouldn’t be done. Ask their residents if they feel safe. The virtue-signaling types are not going to be there for them when a crowd of criminals surrounds them in a dark parking garage late at night. These people will be safe and sound in their suburban homes, not losing one wink of sleep over their plight.

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