LA School District Sees a Narrative-Busting Revolt in the War on Cops

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In LA, they’ve got their own thing going on.

One might assume property protected by police would be property that’s more secure.

And safe.

However, in June, the Los Angeles Unified School District chose to cut the city’s school police budget by $25 million.

That move led to the resignation of former school police chief Todd Chamberlain as well as 20 other officers.

Additionally included in the vote: a prohibition against hiring local cops or outside security for campus patrol.

LA’s not exactly known for its mastery of safety and security — it appears of the opinion the best way to fight those who won’t obey murder laws is…gun laws.

And now the most effective way to police schools: no police in schools.

But fear not: The Reimagining School Safety Task Force has presented a fix.

Instead of badged men and women trained to battle society’s evildoers, the RSSTF has nominated a different group suited to protect the innocent: social workers.

Presumably, those veritable Green Berets who studied counseling in college will do just fine against an active shooter.

And beyond a weekday po-po pooh-poohing, the Force recommended ending weekend law enforcement patrol aimed to prevent vandalism.

Of course, we’ve been lately told police are systematically targeting innocent black Americans to a murderous degree.

Yet, at this week’s meeting, the district experienced an anomaly: Opposing the end to school policing was the board’s only black member.

As reported by The Washington Free Beacon, George McKenna implored the LAUSD to keep cops on the premises.

Otherwise, he asserted, deadliness could ensue:

“I’ll invite you to the first funeral that we have of a child [because] we don’t have anyone protecting them on that campus.”

George suggested school-ground law enforcement was being unfairly blamed for police brutality, and that — get this — social workers would have no idea how to protect students.

In his own words:

“The school police were never a danger to the students. Are you under the assumption that there are no Crips, no Bloods, no gangs out there, and we’re going to do this with social workers?”

As for canceling cops, the Beacon points out LA’s not alone:

Other California school districts, in cities like Oakland, San Francisco, and Sacramento, have already voted to eliminate their own police programs or remove local police from schools.

All of this comes, as you know, on the heels of the Defund the Police movement.

How long will it take — and what more will unfortunately occur — ’til some in charge realize a copless world is the most dangerous world of all?

In the meantime, we hope to see the Navy Seals — I mean, social workers — work their militaristic magic.

But despite what you’ve heard, such a maneuver isn’t black-endorsed.

Just ask George McKenna — he knows.

And it isn’t safe, either.

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