Kenosha Riot Victims Describe What Life Would Look Like Under Biden

This video offers a closer look at what can happen when protests are allowed to continue without the proper police presence. While there are some who believe that it’s just “lost property”, the issues that these business owners face go much deeper than that. The videos that have been circulating on social media prove it.

Take the old man who was badly beaten by protesters for trying to protect his business, for instance. He lost far more than just a piece of property. He was left unconscious and the long term health effects of the attack could be quite dire. How is this honoring the memory of those who have been forced to experience police brutality?

As for the governor of Wisconsin, he’s trying his best to toe the line. Yes, Tony Evers announced that he will be increase the National Guard’s presence in the area. He also wanted to make sure that the rioters did not feel personally attacked by the decision. “We cannot allow the cycle of systemic racism and injustice to continue,” said Evers. “We also cannot continue going down this path of damage and destruction,” he continued.

That’s the same thing that is said every single time and nothing actually changes. The leaders of these states feed everyone worthless platitudes while their cities burn and expect things to change. As they say, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Evers may be saying all of the right stuff at the moment but its just words until its paired with action. Liberal leaders are far more interested in saying things that sound nice than actually doing anything to help the situation. The worst part of all for the leftists is that Joe Biden and company have gone totally silent on the matter.

While this may seem like malpractice during a moment when Trump and the GOP have America’s undivided attention, Biden and his team are more shrewd than we have expected. They have been handling all of the issues that are coming up during the campaign far more beautifully than anyone could have reasonably hoped for.

It would be strange for the Biden campaign to start whiffing on these things now. Trump’s sure to offer a counter attack right now and if Biden tries to counter it? It could go badly for him. Team Biden has to be making their calculus as we speak. The Black Lives Matter movement is losing popularity as the violence continues.

People are getting tired of it and this works in the favor of the GOP. Biden cannot reasonably expect to hide behind the movement any longer. Should the former vice president decide to make a statement about the problem, it could be viewed as a concession by the Democratic voters. Of course, the Democrats are insisting that this is happening on Trump’s watch and so it is his fault.

That thinking might seem wise to the Democrats but its a bit too pat for us. Voters have a really simple choice. They can either vote for the president who is all about law and order or they can vote for the president who stands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter. It’s a tough choice for some but we already know where we stand.

The cities where the riots are taking place are run by Democrats so why wouldn’t they be the ones to take the fall for what is going on right now? It makes no sense to us. The president can only shoulder so much blame for what is happening in places that he does not control. Biden might be able to maintain his advantage with suburban voters who do not care about the violence, though.

The Biden campaign could decide to stand in solidarity with business owners and the protesters but that would be too easy. Everything’s an either/or scenario with the Democrats. Nuance is hard for them. Symone D. Sanders has offered a perfunctory statement on the matter and that’s all we’re getting from Team Biden.

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