Kamala Harris Just Shot Down Her Own Defense Against Going to the Border

Apparently, we’re going for the trifecta of bad remarks from Kamala Harris over the past 24 hours or so.

First was her interview with NBC’s Lester Holt. Holt asked her when she was going to the border. First, she lied and said she had been to the border. He corrected her that she hadn’t since being made the person in charge of the border. She laughed and responded that hadn’t been to Europe either.

Second, Harris was asked about the border again. Again she cackled, and then seems to be confused about where she was at the moment, suggesting she was in Guatemala when she was in Mexico.

Finally, after digging herself a hole all day, Harris then decided she wanted to pull in the dirt on top of herself with her final comment of the day.

“I almost believe that if you want to fix a problem, you have to go where the problem exists,” Harris declares. “If you want to address the needs of a people, you must meet those people. You must spend time with those people. Because the only way to fix the problem, is to understand the problem.”

She really has to be clueless with that remark, or does she really not get what she just said? Isn’t that exactly what she hasn’t been doing in regard to the border? She’s essentially calling out her own failure, because since she hasn’t visited the border to “meet those people” and “spend time with those people,” she can’t understand the problem or fix it – and therefore must not care about the problem.

That remark is so ironic it just has to make you laugh. She really is this bad.

Here’s one of this people who Kamala Harris isn’t listening to Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX).

Heck, she isn’t even listening to the leaders of the countries that she’s been talking to – Guatemala, El Salvador, and Mexico, who explained how the policies of the Biden/Harris team are causing the issues at the border.

Bottom line? She doesn’t want to go to the border because her going would highlight the situation even more than it already has been and it would highlight the reasons for the influx – their own policies. In addition to the fact that they really just don’t care about people flooding in. If they actually cared, they would change the policies that are causing people to come instead of engaging in theater by wringing their hands and saying, “Don’t come.”

But hey, this is perfectly consistent with how much of a failure she was during her presidential campaign where even Democrats couldn’t stomach how phony and empty she was as a candidate.

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