Kamala Harris Dives Into Ridiculous, Offensive Moments During Climate Speech

Some on the left had hoped that the more that Kamala Harris got out and did speaking events, the more that she would improve.

It’s… not going well.

The problem, just like with Joe Biden, is that she has issues. Maybe not cognitive impairment in the same way, but she still has difficulty not falling into word salads and making clear points.

Harris was at Florida International University in Miami, Florida on Monday to talk about “Climate Resilience.” That involved brilliant observations like this one — that if you don’t have air conditioning, heat waves will affect you more.

“Consider: Heat waves pose a greater threat to people who don’t have air conditioning or who work in high-heat workplaces, such as warehouses or farm fields,” Harris said. Now that’s a revelation.

Then there’s this “exciting” part about moving energy from place to place. She always speaks as though she’s talking to five-year-olds.

But this one was the word salad of the day from the remarks.

“While we send our prayers, and our love, we also, with each day, renew our commitment to the urgency of now and the ability that we have collectively, all of us in it together, to do something about it,” Harris declared.

At least Biden is about 105 at this point, what’s Harris’ excuse? But hey, shouldn’t we all be committed to the “urgency of now”? I mean isn’t that as significant as the passage of time?

No wonder she’s losing speechwriters left and right, there’s only so much that staffer could do. It isn’t about the speechwriter, it’s about Kamala. She lost one in February, then the replacement left in July. Kamala lost three senior people last month. She lost her chief speechwriter Meghan Groob and Rohini Kosoglu, one of Harris’ longest serving aides who had been with her since her Senate days. She also received notice from Michael Collins, her director of public engagement and intergovernmental affairs, who will be leaving this month.

But she also did something that was pretty despicable. She suggested that the flooding in Missouri and Kentucky was due to climate change.

So, for years, our nation and many of us have discussed, have lamented, have talked about the threat of climate change. For years, we debated the potential impact that climate change could have on our communities, on our country, and our world.

And today we know the impact, if folks weren’t clear about it before. Just watch the evening news and see that the time for debate is long past. Climate change has become a climate crisis. And a threat has now become a reality.

In recent days, deadly floods have swept through Missouri and Kentucky, washing away entire neighborhoods, leaving at least 35 dead including babies, children. As has been reported, four children from one family.

So, the devastation is real. The harm is real. The impact is real. And we are witnessing it in real-time.

How does she know that? She just says things like this that pop into her head, without a thought of how offensive it is to use the deaths of people to try to justify her political point.

There’s been flooding since the start of the world. The flooding was due to intense rainfall in a short period. Are they going to stop the rain?

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