Judge Sides with Fraudulent Voters and Orders Drop Boxes Left in Place

The liberal judges that plague the nation continue to deny any and all conservatives the right to fight for what is fair. These political judges have forgotten the purpose of why they sit on the bench. They rule in favor of their criminal counterparts rather than doing what is right and taking the case. The Republicans in Georgia want the dropbox locations removed, so the possibility of fraud is minimized.

But this judge simply dismissed their request because the judge refuses to see that these drop locations are what the liberals need to stash their fraudulent ballots in. Democrats are the most skeptical people. Even when they have evidence shoved in front of their sad little faces, they still refuse to see the truth.

All of them live by the belief that they can change the truth to mean what they want it to mean. They never trust Republicans when things are designed and ready to be implemented.

This was clearly seen in the way that Andrew Cuomo acted when the vaccine came out under Trump. He stated that he would let it be used in New York because it was made under a Republican president’s leadership.

The liberals know that they are going to have to cheat to win Georgia. They know that they are going to have to pull off another heist to take control of the Senate. And they will need the help of their blind judges to make sure things are left in place so their fake ballots can be used again.

All eyes on Georgia, and it seems that what happened before the national election is starting to happen in Georgia. The Democrats set up a fraud ring and meticulously played their cards to make the outcome be in their favor. They are going to try and pull the same stunt in Georgia, and things will come to a grinding halt just long enough for them to find their fraudulent ballots.

Chief Judge Randall Hall is the blind judge who refuses to believe that any fraud can occur. This naïve man just cannot bring himself to admit that the Democrats are capable of cheating again. So, he denied the Republicans the right to secure the election and make it fair for everyone.

The judge stated that it was way too early to make those kinds of allegations. He would rather wait until it was too late to do anything. He stated that “We are not even on the eve of an election. We are, as it relates to this particular election, closing in on halftime.” It is all a game to him.

He wants to wait and playthings out like a game. After all, he already sits in a seat of power. He has nothing to lose if the Democrats rig everything and take control. His new masters will pay him off for allowing them an avenue of cheating in the Georgia run-off election.

The Republicans also wanted to keep the liberals from opening the ballots until election day. This would keep them from being able to change things in their favor. But this small judge living on a power trip denied them the right to make things fair.

This run-off election is so crucial that the very well-being of the country hangs in the balance. The liberals are determined to destroy America and strip away the freedoms that so many have died for in order to protect them. But the Democrats do not care about these fallen heroes because they only care about themselves.

So far, there are well over a million people that have voted in the Georgia election. The run-off election count polls are so close that it is anyone’s guess as to which person will win the Senate seats.

President Trump has been to the state several times, promoting the importance of getting out and voting for the Republicans. Freedom is on the line, and no one wants to see them all disappear. The liberals have cheated the American people, and they cannot be allowed to get away with the proverbial murder of a free nation.

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