Josh Hawley Trolls Critics as Only He Can After Bombshell Jogging Video Released

As we reported earlier, the sham January 6th Committee show trials continued on Thursday, with perhaps the most dramatic and talked about moment (on the left and in the press) coming when the committee played video of Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) jogging out of the Capitol on Jan. 6th, 2021, the day of the Capitol riot along with other members of Congress and their staffers.

Shown just prior to the airing of the short clips was an image of Hawley with a raised fist in the air that same day and shortly before the riot began, an image that has been widely portrayed by The Usual Suspects as Hawley showing his support for “white supremacist” rioters before the riot actually started, with the insinuation clear that he was “in on” the alleged intricate conspiracy to forcibly disrupt the Congressional certification of the Electoral College vote.

Indeed, check out how NBC News carried water for the committee by framing the photo and video this way:

“Hawley fled” is quite an interesting spin on what ultimately looked like a light jog, but I digress.

The photo and video prompted some of Hawley’s more rabid critics to create Twitter memes that suggested he “cowardly” fled the scene of the crime after allegedly purposefully “inciting” and instigating what eventually happened that day.

At this point in the game, however, Hawley is used to the far left’s continued harassment of him (and his family) over doing what House Democrats (including J6 committee member Jamie Raskin) did in the past three presidential elections Republicans won by exercising his right to object to electoral votes.

In response, Hawley trolled his critics on Twitter Friday by posting a fundraising link for a mug that contains a cartoon rendering of the now-infamous raised-fist picture, complete with the words “Show-Me Strong,” a reference to Missouri’s “Show-Me State” nickname:

Interestingly enough, none of Hawley’s detractors appear to have had any issue with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) doing her own version of the raised fist on Tuesday after her “arrest” during a protest outside of the Supreme Court, though as many readers will recall she once called a raised fist something dangerous for democracy or something:

As always, “rules for thee” and all that applies here.

In any event, though haters gonna hate – and that includes the Politico media outlet, which has threatened Hawley with a lawsuit over his repeated use of what they say is their photo – Hawley’s gonna keep trollin’, and we absolutely will be here for it.

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