Joe Biden Announces He’s COVID-Free, Takes Shot at Donald Trump in the Process

Joe Biden is COVID-free, or at least that’s the story he told on Wednesday as he appeared outside the White House to give his first public appearance since he contracted the virus. That followed the release of a series of edited remarks, with the president appearing so hopped up on some kind of stimulant at one point that he didn’t blink for 42 seconds.

Apparently, he’s fine now, though, and he wants you to know about it. He gave a speech tailored to fit the “moment,” or at least that’s the way his COVID-19 director described it. As predicted, the White House is ramping up the hysteria surrounding the coronavirus again, and just in time for the election, but I digress.

While speaking, the president made this claim about vaccination and COVID deaths.

Notice the sleight of hand in his language. Biden doesn’t say “vaccinated” anymore. Instead, he says “up to date on their shots.” That’s because Dr. Deborah Birx admitted recently that 50 percent of COVID deaths from Omicron were in those who were vaccinated. With that hanging out there, the White House has to move the goalposts again, so according to them, you aren’t really vaccinated unless you’ve had four shots. It’s pathetic messaging that only causes more confusion, otherwise known as par for the course for this administration.

Biden then decided to take a shot at Donald Trump because the former president lives rent-free in his head.

Maybe my memory is failing me, but I don’t remember Trump ever being “severely ill” while having COVID-19. I do remember that he went to Walter Reed for observation and testing. I also remember him doing a series of live hits conducting business, which is essentially what Biden himself did. Besides, the vaccines did not exist when Trump contracted the coronavirus. So what’s the point in trying to take a shot at him for not being vaccinated? And he could at least be man enough to say the guy’s name.

Further, the claim is unfalsifiable. Plenty of people who aren’t vaccinated have had COVID and not gotten sick. Plenty of people who have been vaccinated have gotten COVID and have gotten really sick. Everyone handles the virus differently, and there’s absolutely no way to know what would have happened in the absence of one condition or another.

In the end, I’m glad Biden recovered, and I’m not sure anyone thought he was going to die. But the right move is to graciously announce he’s made it through, not to take swipes at Trump while undermining your own messaging.

Lastly, can I just note the laughable nature of Biden claiming how hard he was working while he had the virus? The economy is in turmoil, a recession is just days away from being official, and China is lodging fresh threats. Maybe someone should suggest that Biden work less if these are the results.

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