It’s Time for Answers, and Crenshaw Wants Them from Biden Now!

Joe Biden’s been getting a lot of help when it comes to dodging important questions. It’s been going on for months, too. The Dems actually tried to impeach President Trump for going after the truth instead of pushing Biden to answer questions about whether his son has ties to Ukraine.

Now, it’s more than that. Is Joe Biden compromised by the Chinese Communist Party? There are a number of signs that show that he very well might be. If he’s going to become the president after the general election, these are things we have a right to know.

Representative Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) says that Biden needs to answer this question before the election.

Why before the election? There’s no way that we should be electing someone to office who has been compromised. If we wait until after the general election and Biden wins, it would mean that Congress would have no choice but to move forward with impeachment. Should that happen, it would leave Kamala Harris as the president. Since Harris couldn’t win the primaries on her own thanks to her Democratic socialist leanings, there’s no way we’d want her as president.

Crenshaw told Fox & Friends that there’s a real possibility that Joe Biden is compromised. The reasoning is that it is undisputed that his son, Hunter, has “gone around the world getting sweetheart deals” just by using the family name.

Crenshaw, a retired Navy SEAL, says it’s absolutely necessary to question whether Joe Biden has benefited from his son’s business deals. With purported emails and an ex-business partner showing that Biden may have gotten a 10% stake in a deal, it requires Biden to answer for what’s going on. And no one wants to hear the weak excuse of it being a “smear campaign” and dodging the questions any further.

Tony Bobulinski, Hunter Biden’s former business partner, has been speaking out about a business venture that took place with Hunter and Jim (Joe’s son and brother, respectively) with CEFC China Energy, a conglomerate that has ties with the Chinese government.

According to Biden’s campaign, the questions about Biden’s involvement have been answered. Crenshaw, however, is quick to point out that, “No, they haven’t.” The American people deserve to know what’s going on, and Crenshaw is hell-bent on getting the answers.

As soon as Bobulinski came out to say that he met with the former VP twice, the Biden campaign has remained silent.

Meanwhile, Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) wants to call it a smear campaign that came from the Kremlin of Russian. He claims that this false narrative has been pushed for over a year.

Yeah, no one’s buying that anymore. The Kremlin aside, there’s Bobulinski, an American veteran, explaining that he met with Joe Biden on two separate occasions to set up the deals that went down with the energy company tied to Communist China. Bobulinski has explained that he held a top-secret clearance from the NSA and the DOE. He says that it is “absolutely disgusting” for a congressman to associate him with Russian disinformation.

Crenshaw has apologized to Bobulinski for Adam Schiff, calling it “pretty typical” of the representative to use his position as the head of the Intel Committee to spread lies.

It’s not Russian disinformation. This is not something that we can watch be shoved under the carpet any longer. It requires answers. Joe Biden has repeatedly claimed that he has had nothing to do with any deals made by his son. Meanwhile, there is a former associate of Hunter Biden saying otherwise. And there are emails. And laptops. There are too many signs to show that Joe Biden is a liar. He not only has had meetings with his son’s associates but he may have a stake in the deal, too. If he is compromised by Communist China, we absolutely need to know before we potentially allow him to become our next president.

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