Is de Blasio on His Way out? NYC Principals’ Union Votes No Confidence

New York City mayor Bill DeBlasio has found himself on a cold streak for the ages this year. It seems like everything he touches turns to….well, you get where we are going here. He managed to turn the whole city’s police force against him, crime has been on an upswing and New York City residents are fleeing in droves.

Even Democrats have been referring to him as the very worst mayor in the city’s history. That’s how bad it has gotten. Once the news came in about the staff-wide furlough that would take place for a week, things were looking bad for the mayor. DeBlasio would have been forgiven for thinking that he was due for a lucky break.

Of course, that is the opposite of what is happening. The problems are continuing to present themselves and the mayor does not have any viable solutions. The New York City Principals Union has had enough. They are a major part of the city’s umbrella of teaching unions. When they speak, even the mayor is forced to listen.

New York City attempted to open their schools and as you would have imagined, DeBlasio botched the job badly. The union has now passed a unanimous no-confidence vote. He is now being asked to relinquish all mayoral controls of the city’s school district. If the union has their way, all of DeBlasio’s powers will be turned over to the New York State Department of Education.

According to a letter that was released from the 6,400 person group on Sunday, they have “declared a unanimous vote of ‘No Confidence’ for Mayor de Blasio and Chancellor Carranza due to their failure to lead New York City through the safe and successful reopening of schools”. This harsh rebuke brings the mayor’s failures into a much clearer focus.

“CSA calls on Mayor de Blasio to cede mayoral control of the Department of Education for the remainder of this health crisis and for Mayor de Blasio and Chancellor Carranza to seek the immediate intervention of the New York State Education Department,” the letter continued. So what did the mayor do here that was so wrong?

The sad thing is that we are hard-pressed to list the mistakes…because there were so many. At first, DeBlasio was hoping to send students back to school with a blended model. The children would have been in classrooms for at least two to three days a week and the rest would have been done from home. Unfortunately, no one stopped to think of all the issues that would arise.

There are a large number of children who are unable to handle all of the complexities of homeschooling. Parents were also ill-prepared to help their little ones adjust. They were unable to return to work full time and the online learning portals were not set up properly. It was a terrible plan that tried to be all things to all people, only to end up accomplishing nothing at all.

The teachers’ unions who are upset about this also need to take a long look in the mirror. They have had a hand in creating the situations that they are currently dealing with. Since these groups have been using all of their donation money to make sure that liberal politicians like DeBlasio are re-elected, they have to decide whether this is the future that they truly want for themselves. Perhaps they should start thinking long and hard about where their future donations are heading.

This might sound somewhat harsh to people but that’s the reality. Liberals have been creating this universe for years and they now have to live in it. We just feel bad for all of the people who have been telling them to stop enabling crackpots like this mayor. They are the ones who have to suffer and they played absolutely no role in creating all of the current madness.

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