Head Football Coach Fired After Butting Heads With School Administration Over Racist Cops

A high school teacher is fired…up.

Last fall, Massachusetts football coach David Flynn’s daughter was enrolled in a world geography class.

As reported by The Washington Free Beacon, she was asked in one lesson to analyze a cartoon.

Per the Free Beacon, the image “depicted police officers as a ‘risk’ to a black pedestrian.”

David and his wife didn’t agree, and they hadn’t been notified of curriculum updates dealing with race, bias, and politics — in a world history class.

The way the couple saw it, such subjects were “unrelated” and “not suitable for twelve- and thirteen-year-olds.”

Such was made clear recently, as they’re suing the school district.

After learning about their kid’s class, they exchanged emails and met with the superintendent and school committee members.

They didn’t believe the class was being taught objectively — teacher Kim Randall’s online class avatar featured a Black Lives Matter shirt, and class materials purportedly portrayed cops as risks to black Americans, who were risks to white Americans.

The parents eventually decided the school wasn’t going to address their issues. Hence, in October, they removed their two children and placed them into Catholic school.

But that didn’t end the episode — in January, Dedham High School principal Jim Forrest, Dedham Public Schools superintendent Michael Welch, and athletic director Stephen Traister sat down with David and dropped a bomb: They wouldn’t be renewing his contract.

David — who’d coached football at Dedham for 18 years, becoming its head coach in 2011 — says he’d “never been provided any indication” he’d be let go.

Back to the Beacon:

Flynn sued Welch, Forrest, and Traister for firing him in retaliation and violating his First Amendment right to freedom of speech. According to the suit, he expressed his opposition to the district in his personal capacity as a parent and not as the district’s high school football coach.

The former coach is seeking damages for the emotional distress, loss of pay, and harassment caused by his firing.

The same month of his dismissal, the district hired diversity and inclusion officer Oneida Fox Roye — a former staffer for Boston Public Schools, where she’d changed K-12 curriculum to include “culturally and linguistically diverse” reading assignments.

In December, she had this to tweet:

“When people say that they don’t have a racist bone in their body, they’re usually saying that they’re not racist. Yet, there is no way that you inherit privilege from birth, learn history in our schools, work in our country, watch television & films, and not be racist. #BIPOC #DEI”

BIPOC = Black, Indigenous, (and) People of Color
DEI = Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

That same month, according to TWFB, “she said that history education in the United States is one of a handful of factors that contribute to racism.”

David’s firing saw a backlash — hundreds of Dedham High parents and residents rallied as a “Save Coach Flynn” Facebook group demanded officials “right their injustice and reinstate Flynn as head coach.”

From a collective letter in protest:

“A parent’s voice was silenced and the athletes and community at large is [sic] also being punished. And to add to his injustice, the administration chose very specific language to discredit Dave Flynn’s good name, strong reputation, and possibly his career as a special needs teacher. This defamation is unforgivable.”

Public education is certainly transitioning, and part of that process is the adoption of a social and political perspective.

At Marysville, Washington’s Grover Elementary School, 7-year-olds were recently given a lesson in law enforcement.

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Also in October, there was this:

Back to David, several demonstrations have been held since his firing.

As stated by the suit — filed by Judicial Watch on Monday — the coach was canned because he “expressed significant philosophical differences.”

Superintendent Michael can confirm — as quoted by Needham, Massachusetts ABC affiliate WCVB, the school let Flynn fly “due to significant, repeatedly expressed, philosophical differences with the direction, goals, and values of the school district.”

Former football player old the station, “Coach Flynn is an awesome guy and we’re all devastated that they fired him. Coach Flynn and Dedham football, it’s like broccoli and cheese sauce, can’t have one without the other.”

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