GOP Spokeswoman Absolutely Wrecks CNN’s Christiane Amanpour Over Joe Biden Scandals

I haven’t watched a lot of Elizabeth Harrington, who serves as the GOP National Spokesperson, but I may have to do so more after watching this absolute beat down of CNN’s Christiane Amanpour.

If you’ve followed Amanpour’s work, you know she’s CNN’s international staple and one of the most biased “journalists” in TV. She’s featured many times on RedState making inane, partisan arguments against Republican figures.

While interviewing Harrington yesterday, Amanpour decided to try to pull out several falsehoods in an attempt to run cover for Joe Biden and his son. It did not go well.

Amanpour tries to claim that there’s evidence that the Hunter Biden laptop is “Russian misinformation.” That’s quickly shut down as Harrington notes that the intelligence community has refuted that characterization, noting that there’s no evidence whatsoever that the emails aren’t authentic and weren’t obtained in the manner they were said to have been obtained. She then pushes Amanpour further by noting that CNN ran with the unverified, Russian garbage that is the Steele Dossier.

You may recall that CNN’s Jake Tapper first dabbled in the aforementioned, and now infamous dossier, attempting to spread it via unnamed sources without revealing the true origin and it’s veracity. When Buzzfeed dropped the entire dossier publicly, Tapper actually got upset because he felt like they had stepped on his story. What he was really upset by was that he could no longer peddle bits and pieces of the dossier without having to answer for the entire document. In other words, for CNN to complain about Russian misinformation when they were a chief purveyor of Russian misinformation is extremely rich.

Amanpour then dives headfirst in misleading, fake news by trying to bring up the FBI’s latest press conference as proof that the Biden laptop could be due to Russia. Again, there’s no evidence of that, and the press conference in question made no such mention. But as I predicted in my write-up at the time (see The FBI Throws Joe Biden a Bone), the media were always going to latch onto the vague, unrelated allegations made by the FBI earlier in the week to muddy the waters and pretend it somehow shows Hunter Biden didn’t make millions peddling influence while paying his dad off. He did.

I figure that Amanpour didn’t think she’d get pushed back on so hard in this interview, but Harrington absolutely takes her to the woodshed and the full clip is worth the watch. It got so bad that Amanpour gets visibly upset, starts rolling her eyes, and desperately tries to mislead about the FBI presser to change the subject. When that all happens, you know you’ve done a good job combating CNN’s nonsense for the day.

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