Google Throwing Search Result Suggestions To Show BLM in Positive Light

According to a recent report in Breitbart News, the nation’s largest and most powerful search engine has taken to “white-washing” the reputation of Black Lives Matter in it’s ever so helpful suggestion section.

Breitbart reported that Google appears to have enacted an algorithm change that allows only positive suggestions when someone types “BLM is” in its search bar.

“Typing the words ‘BLM is; on Google currently only returns the suggestion ‘BLM Israel,’” Breitbart reported. “It does not show a long list of suggestions, which is unusual for a popular search term and suggests that a list of suggestions formerly existed but was removed.”

The typically helpful suggestions have been removed, and even spelling out “Black Lives Matter” doesn’t allow for much leash in the seemingly newly reformatted search result suggestions.

The results, however, are strikingly different on On DuckDuckGo, which is Google’s primary competitor. When a search is entered into their box, querying “BLM is”  a typical mixture of positive and negative suggestions populate in the drop-down menu.

“The list includes suggestions like ‘BLM is ActBlue,’ ‘BLM is marxists,’ ‘BLM is a cancer,’ and ‘BLM is a front,’ as well as ‘BLM is funded by,” Breitbart reported.

“The top three results on the “BLM is funded by” search are from conservative websites, including Breitbart News. On Google, the top results are Wikipedia — a website dominated by left-wing political narratives — and the site of a left-wing advocacy organization.”

Breitbart’s report is strikingly similar in content to digital media related coverage of the 2016 election when they pointed out that Google, unlike their competitors, was not fetching negative coverage of then-Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

The tech giant reportedly told Breitbart that their “Autocomplete algorithm will not show a predicted query that is offensive or disparaging when displayed in conjunction with a person’s name.”

However, their algorithm seemed to have no qualms about making negative search results handy for both then-candidate Donald Trump and Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Additionally, BLM is notably not covered in Google’s earlier statement since it’s not the name of an individual.

In a more recent statement to Breitbart News, Google did not directly comment on the above story but said it has “systems” to prevent “potentially policy-violating predictions” from populating.

“Autocomplete is a feature that saves you time by predicting the query you may be typing, and we have systems in place to prevent potentially policy-violating predictions from appearing,” said a Google spokeswoman.

“Whether or not a prediction appears, you can still search for whatever you want on Google. We don’t and would never modify our products or enforce our policies in any way to promote or disadvantage any particular political ideology, viewpoint or candidate.”

In the absence of a statement from the company that addresses this occurrence straight on, it seems most likely that the tech giant and often purveyor of news to the smart-phone tethered public, are doing their part in the progressive movement to clear the name of BLM.

While the organization has gotten massive positive press from those in the media, the riots and deaths at the hands of those associated with them have put them in a bit of a tough spot. While they’d like to continue to roam, destroy, and otherwise terrorize Americans, unchecked, it’s clear that if many Americans came face to face with what the mobs were really perpetrating, they would likely retaliate in kind, which is not something they would be able to overcome.

If the group plans to continue down the path of promotion of Black advancement they will need more of a face-lift than even knows how to give them.

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