Georgia Certified Results but the Fight Is Far from Over

The preservation or destruction of the country is going to come down to the little state of Georgia. The Democrats rigged the election at just about every level. And now that they failed to turn the Senate seats, they are faced with a double runoff situation. The control of two branches of government hangs in the balance.

The nasty Democrats need both seats in Georgia in order to control the Senate. Without those two seats, Biden would sit like a lame duck for four years. The sad part about the entire election is that the Democrats cheated and are praying they get away with it.

Joe Biden came from behind and supposedly won the state by just 12,000 votes. An impressive feat considering the president had the state won by hundreds of thousands of votes by the end of the counting night. But just like the other key states, Biden’s count somehow kept on ticking up weeks after the election took place.

Brian Kemp is the Governor of Georgia, and he went ahead and certified the results, knowing full well that something was wrong with the count. President Trump demanded a recount, which did turn up thousands of votes in his favor is found in several counties. But the officials in those counties claimed it was a simple error.

Kemp’s actions are not adding up either. He certifies the recount and yet calls for an audit of several counties because more ballots were being found. It would have been better for him to wait until after the audit took place rather than rushing to certify results that are crooked to the core.

As the count took place, it was discovered that none of the signatures were being reviewed. That is why Kemp stated that he wanted a “sample audit of signatures on absentee ballot envelopes and compare those to the signatures on applications and on file that the secretary of state’s office.”

This gesture may sound good, except there is nothing to compare the signatures to. The envelopes that would have been used have been thrown into the trash. Once the ballot is taken out of the envelope, there is no way to validate the signature.

Kemp maintains that he had a legal obligation to certify the results. But that still does not excuse his obligation to the people to make sure that the election is fair.

Kemp stated that President Trump is “a fighter. “But at the end of the day, I’ve got to follow the laws of the constitution of this state, and that’s exactly what I’m doing.”

Kemp is more concerned about his own position rather than taking the time to make sure that everything was done legally from the start. It makes no sense to certify tainted results.

Kemp alluded that the president could now challenge the results in court. Kemp went on to cover himself by stating, “I would just say I’m formalizing the certification. Now that Secretary Raffensperger certified, it triggers the ability of the Trump campaign to ask for the recount. If something were to happen, I’m still part of that process. So my take on all this is: I’m following the law and the rules.”

Kemp told the president that he would have until Tuesday to ask for another recount. He also stated that he would like the state to require an ID for mail-in ballots. This thought is a month late as it should have been put in place before the election.

Kemp also mentions that “I’d be open to working with both bodies in the House and Senate, and the lieutenant governor and the speaker, as well on that. Georgians deserve a process where the integrity of the vote is not a question – and certainly, it is on a lot of people’s minds. That’s part of the issue of what’s going on right now.”

Kemp needed to make security a priority before the election took place. Now he has egg on his face because his state is now full of cheating Democrats trying to steal two Senate seats like they did the White House. President Trump was right all along about the left’s attempts to steal the election.

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