First Democrat 2024 Poll of New Hampshire Shocks, Sets a Time-Bomb for the Left

Much of the discussion of the 2024 presidential campaign has centered around Donald Trump to this point. The timing of his announcement has been a hot topic in the mainstream media, with some reports suggesting he could make the move before the mid-terms. Then there’s the fact that Gov. Ron DeSantis is clearly gearing up for his own run, raising gobs of cash along the way, which leaves the question of how Trump will handle things if he doesn’t waltz to the GOP nomination.

With that said, I’d suggest that Democrats are in an even more precarious position. President Joe Biden will be 82 years old in 2024. He’s also been suffering from noticeable physical and mental decline going back to before he entered the White House. The idea that he’s going to run for re-election just seems improbable.

That leaves Democrats in an odd position. Vice President Kamala Harris is the heir apparent, right? She’s beloved by the leftwing base and the press (while being despised by most Americans). She also checks some of the most important intersectional boxes, something that has become a requirement for the woke wing of the party.

New Hampshire, an all-important early primary in 2024, may have other ideas, though. In what I believe is the first official polling from the state, Harris is bottoming out already.

Harris, the incumbent vice president, is only drawing six percent support. Transportation Sec. Pete Buttigieg leads the pack with 17 percent, with the president himself not even managing to take first place. Those are shocking results that show how truly terrible the Biden administration is going.

These results aren’t just bad for Harris and Biden, though. They are bad for the Democrat Party because they set a time bomb, ticking its way to 2024. Think about the issues that arise from having Buttigieg leading at this point and down the road. For one, he’s the whitest guy in existence in a party that is obsessed with racial essentialism. He drew no statistical black or Hispanic support during his 2020 run, a big part of why his campaign floundered. But white, college-educated women love him, and they will be the ones to make him competitive in 2024.

That’s where things get even more complicated. Imagine the outrage and intraparty fighting that will break out if the sitting vice president, who is a black woman, is passed over for a white guy who has been terrible in his cabinet position while never winning anything more than a local election in a small town. There is no way the woke wing of the party is going to shrug its shoulders at Harris being thrown under the bus in that situation. Especially not after Biden has already used her as a human shield, consistently hanging failures around her. If you think those Post and Times pieces about how mistreated Harris is are bad now, just wait until Buttigieg attacks her in a debate.

Democrats have painted themselves into a corner. Normally, you’d have an incumbent president who could avoid a primary fight. They don’t have that in Biden, though. Meanwhile, Buttigieg is far too ambitious to wait his turn, and Harris really believes she’s presidential material, having earned a coronation. The clash and infighting is going to be epic, and it’s going to create huge problems for the left. Pop some popcorn.

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