Elon Comes to the Defense of Libs of TikTok Causing Taylor Lorenz to Have a Meltdown

Elon Musk just revealed one more reason he’s desperately needed to change the ethos of Twitter.

We’ve seen that when it comes to Twitter, the rules pretty much depend on whether it serves the Democratic narrative. If it’s something that might hurt the Democrats — like a breaking story from the NY Post on the Hunter Biden laptop and emails showing Joe Biden lied about not having contact with Hunter’s business associates — then watch out, suppression may be coming.

There’s a general rule against targeting and harassing people. Yet, when conservatives are targeted, it often seems like the rules don’t apply.

Libs of TikTok — which has become a very prominent account simply by posting videos of the left being themselves — has been targeted by the left for retribution.

The woman who runs the account has now moved to another location after all the death threats. She complained to Twitter about the threats multiple times, but according to her, they hadn’t taken any action against any of the accounts. Not only hadn’t they addressed her concerns, as we reported, they allegedly were also talking about whether not to ban Libs of TikTok on their private channel.

But then Libs had Elon Musk come to her defense.

Then he hit on the basic problem that Twitter has now.

“A platform cannot be considered inclusive or fair if it is biased against half the country,” he said.

How true that is, but that’s why the left doesn’t want Elon to take over Twitter because they know that he won’t stand for this and that would change their ability to use the platform to control the narrative.

But even though Elon hasn’t taken over yet, his comments appear to have affected Twitter’s response to Libs of TikTok. Suddenly, accounts about which she had complained suddenly were suspended after his remarks.

This is why he needs to take over Twitter, to change this not just for a big account that he can see, but for the whole platform.

Naturally, that caused the professional crank, the Washington Post’s Taylor Lorenz — who recently doxxed Libs of TikTok herself — to have a meltdown because Musk intervened.

This is disinformation since Seth Dillon has made clear that the Babylon Bee did not invest in Libs of TikTok — he personally invested in her.

But Lorenz blocked the ability of people to respond to her, in a typically cowardly fashion.

However, the efforts of the left to take on Libs have resulted in even more attention to the account.

So, great job, liberals! It’s going to be great fun when Elon takes over Twitter.

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