Dianne Feinstein Goes into Hysterics Over Judge Barrett and Healthcare

Dianne Feinstein seems to hold personal issues with Judge Barrett – and it’s not just about the Supreme Court hearing, either. When Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed for the circuit courts in 2017, it was Feinstein who dragged her catholic faith into question. Now, Feinstein’s hysterics are over healthcare.

According to the Senate Judiciary Committee’s ranking member, she’s warning that Barrett would “vote to strip millions of Americans of their health care” if confirmed.

That’s a lot of power for one person – and Feinstein should remember that Barrett is an originalist. She’ll interpret the law based on the Constitution. Additionally, she’s one of nine judges that will be voting on the same issues. What Barrett does has to be considered to be only one part of the equation.

The reality is that Feinstein is digging. She wants to prevent Barrett from being confirmed using any tactic that she can dig her claws into. It’s hard to find anything, though, when the Judge was top of her class at Notre Dame and has even been given an excellent rating by the liberal-leaning American Bar Association.

Barrett isn’t offering her personal views on any of the political issues being presented by the Democrats throughout the hearing. They’re pressing her on all of the major issues. And, as any good judge should, she’s leaving her personal opinions out of it. The only thing that she has said regarding healthcare is that she’s “not hostile to the ACA.”

Feinstein is likely bringing up healthcare because she’s already been told to back away from the Catholic angle. Josh Hawley, a Republican Senator from Missouri, sent a letter to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer back in September asking the Dems to avoid attacks on her Catholicism.

It seems as though that warning has made its way to Feinstein. After all, they can’t say much about being Catholic and Christian when Biden has claimed that he’s both, as well. To attack Barrett on such grounds would only confuse voters and leave them wondering if Biden, too, is a problematic candidate. Democratic voters tend to be followers, and the voice to lead isn’t too strong at the moment.

Feinstein is using scare tactics. She’s trying to tell millions of Americans that a vote for Barrett would mean that they would lose their health care. This is an outright lie. The Affordable Care Act has made it more expensive for many Americans to have healthcare. It’s not making it more affordable for many. Further, the vote that is slotted to be made about ACA has nothing to do with pre-existing conditions, as Feinstein wants to say that it is.

There’s simply no way for the Dems to get their way on things. Even if they didn’t fill Ginsburg’s spot right away, there would be eight Justices – and five of those would have been appointed by Republican presidents. So, the likelihood of the Dems being able to push through any liberal agendas that are being questioned are unlikely.

There are instances in every single decision made by the US Supreme Court where a judge appointed by a Republican goes against the political stream. The reason is that the judges don’t follow traditional politics. They follow the law. Feinstein simply cannot accept this because she doesn’t have the ability to comprehend bipartisan thought processes.

There have already been countless times when it was an election year and a seat in the Supreme Court needed to be filled. When the president and the Senate majority are of the same party, the position almost always gets filled. So, the likelihood of Amy Coney Barrett becoming the next Supreme Court Justice is extremely high.

Feinstein and the rest of the Democrats in the Senate are simply going to have to deal with it. They’ll have to come to terms that laws will be interpreted based on the constitution – as they should be. Their scare tactics won’t work and are only showing how scared they are to be using them in the first place.

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